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21 03-17 pk in opd

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To protect and Treat these “NO TIME” people we need to adopt OPD level Panchakarma by Ayurmitra & Nadi Guru
Prof KSR Prasad (Technoayurveda)

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21 03-17 pk in opd

  1. 1. OPD services in Panchakarma In Panchakarma Ayurmitra & Nadi Guru Prof KSR Prasad (Technoayurveda) 9290566566/9503227966 / Panchakarma CME from  15‐20 March 2021 @  Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  2. 2. 01 Introduction OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Introduction • Present day lifestyle is different from the time  f P h k i t d d b A d of Panchakarma introduced by Ayurveda  • The climatic and dietetic changes made  h d li t d iti human delicate and sensitive • The commencement of Industrialization and  k t l d th i di id l b d “NO work style made the individual busy and “NO  TIME”  T t t d T t th “NO TIME” l • To protect and Treat these “NO TIME” people  we need to adopt OPD level Panchakarma  Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  3. 3. 01 Panchakarma OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Panchakarma  • Panchakarma is an eliminative specialty for  accumulated toxins in the body  • Govt and NGOs are effectively taking the  y g benefits of Panchakarma in to Public • But the “NO TIME” population are not But the  NO TIME  population are not  approaching the Ayurveda Panchakarma  thinking it as Rigid and Costly thinking it as Rigid and Costly   Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  4. 4. 01 Does Ayurveda accepts the OPD Practice? OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Does Ayurveda accepts the OPD Practice? • YES – It allows with CARE • Ayurveda follows the Circadian Rhythms  and Dosha Migration to Shakha ( i h l) d K ht ( t l) (peripheral) and Koshta (central) • Patient is in need to follow the  instructions of Physician and Timing of instructions of Physician and Timing of  the Panchakarma Event  • Based on Vaya – Ahoratra – Bhukta Based on Vaya Ahoratra Bhukta status one has to decide the  Panchakarma procedure Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  5. 5. 01 What we Need? OPD services in Panchakarma 01 What we Need? • Foremost requirement is a separate Room with  washroom facility  y • The room selected should be under temperature  control (Air conditioned) closed room with  proffered dimensions of 12 x 14 feet carpet area proffered dimensions of – 12 x 14 feet carpet area  & attached WC • Equipment required are – Droni, Steaming  quipment required are roni, Steaming equipment, Shirodhara / Sarvanga dhara apparatus, different sizes pre fabricated local Vasti equipment Vamana tray Panchakarma kitchen equipment, Vamana tray, Panchakarma kitchen,  etc.  • Man power of Panchakarma therapist ( Female /  Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at p p ( / Male)
  6. 6. 01 Any restriction of Panchakarma? OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Any restriction of Panchakarma? • The difference is between Healthy and  Diseased Diseased – – Healthy is advised Panchakarma in Ritu sandhi Diseased is undertaken according to the severity – Diseased is undertaken according to the severity  and necessity of Dosha elimination  • Follow the Room temperature control always Follow the Room temperature control always  to avoid complications  – Kapha requires COLD climates always ap a equ es CO c a es a ays – Pitta can be accepted with NORMAL temperature  – Vata needs a WARM conditions  Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  7. 7. 01 What procedures can be done at OPD OPD services in Panchakarma 01 What procedures can be done at OPD • In fact all procedures can be done in OPD • Common practices are – • Abhyanga – Gatra • Vamana Abhyanga Gatra,  Shira, Mukha,  Pada Udvartana Vamana • Virechana Pada, Udvartana, • Nadi Sweda / Box  sweda (optional) • Vasti • Nasya sweda (optional) • Sneha Pana • Shirodhara • Jalukavacharana • Rakta Mokshana Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at • Shirodhara Rakta Mokshana
  8. 8. 01 OPD Abhyanga OPD services in Panchakarma 01 OPD Abhyanga • It is very easy procedure of OPD Panchakarma • We need only a table and Skilled therapist We need only a table and Skilled therapist  • No time restriction – can be done at any time of day for  30‐45 minutes  R i N l • Room temperature is Normal • Oils required can be heated on Induction stove • Step to follow are – Step to follow are  – Moisten the body with Lukewarm wet towel – Supine – Back 2 posture Abhyanga N di d i d f Abh ll – Nadi sweda is easy to adopt after Abhyanga on small  Induction cooker  – Post Abhyanga body oil can be wiped with Tissue Paper or  S t t l d l t ith D t l Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at Soap water towel and later with Dry towel
  9. 9. 01 Snehapana OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Snehapana  • Much times we follow the Snehapana as a  Purvakarma for Vamana or Virechana Purvakarma for Vamana or Virechana • We can adopt the Snehapana as a procedure  for emaciated and Vata diseases such as for emaciated and Vata diseases such as  Sandhivata • Steps to follow • Steps to follow  ‐ – Undertake a Local massage for Limbs  Offer Salted Medicated Ghee with Milk – Offer Salted Medicated Ghee with Milk  – Let the patient undergo Nadi sweda for 10‐15  minutes  Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  10. 10. 01 Shirodhara OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Shirodhara • Shirodhara is a common program in OPD Th Dh t i l i di l ith T il • The Dhara material is accordingly either Taila,  Takra, Kashaya, Dugdha, etc. • The equipment can be manual or semi automatic The equipment can be manual or semi automatic  with Air cooler pump • Step to follow are – – Make Shirobhyanga for 10 minutes – Dhara for 45 minutes  Wash only head with Ayurvedic Shampoo (Rita) in Sink – Wash only head with Ayurvedic Shampoo (Rita) in Sink  – Apply the TALAM with Rasnadi Churna after drying the  Hair Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  11. 11. 01 Vamana OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Vamana • Vamana is a bit complicated program in OPD as it  requires the preparation – but possible – issue is  q p p p the room is occupied for 3‐4 hours  • This can be planned at early hours – not  to disturb  ti ti t routine patients  • Abhyanga – Snehapana are done at OPD level and  Made “Ready” Made  Ready • We can use a Tub for the Vomits collection  • The necessary liquids – Milk, Yastimadhu phanta,  y q p Lavanodaka, etc and emergency needs such as  saline etc are made available  • The selection of Drug combination is important Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at • The selection of Drug combination is important 
  12. 12. 01 Virechana OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Virechana • Virechana we can plan at clinic or even at  patients home – observing with  Telemedicine  • The medicine combination selection is  important – Not every time Trivrut or  Abh di M d k b t d th Abhayadi Modaka – but needs on the  basis of Dosha Nadi of Patient  A t i th ti b f • As we are not using the unction before  Virechana – I prefer it along with  Virechana Dravya Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at Virechana Dravya
  13. 13. 01 Vasti OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Vasti • Vasti preparation is tedious if done in traditional  b t if t i d t way – but easy if we use wet grinder to prepare  • Undertaking local Abhyanga is easy at OPD  • Timings of Niruha Vasti in Keraliya Panchakarma  is done in early hours – but better to undertake  f f l after proper evacuation of stools – – if not give Vasti after lukewarm water enema  • The retention period is about 45 minutes in total • See that the washroom is available    Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  14. 14. 01 Nasya OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Nasya • Nasya karma is a OPD level procedure  either Marsha or Pratimarsha Nasya with  liquids or powders  • No much precautions are required  • Almost all diseases of head – Almost all diseases of head  Pratishyaya, Ardhita, Shirashoola are  treated with Nasya in OPD treated with Nasya in OPD Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  15. 15. 01 Akshitarpana OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Akshitarpana • A common procedure for vision disturbances A common procedure for vision disturbances  or dry eye syndrome done in OPD • Materials required are minimal but needs • Materials required are minimal but needs  skills to do it  Af d i l i i l • After procedure care is also minimal  Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  16. 16. 01 Rakta Mokshana ‐ Siravyadha OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Rakta Mokshana ‐ Siravyadha • A common program Rakta Mokshana done in A common program Rakta Mokshana done in  west coast in OPD level • Siravyadha needs skill and bleeding control • Siravyadha – needs skill and bleeding control  mechanism  E b d i OPD f • Easy to be done in OPD for many  musculoskeletal diseases and Skin diseases   Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  17. 17. 01 Rakta Mokshana ‐ Jalukavacharana OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Rakta Mokshana ‐ Jalukavacharana • Jalukavacharana even though easy to be  understood the procurement and understood, the procurement and  maintenance of Jaluka is difficult  • It is better to adopt in OPD It is better to adopt in OPD  Jalukavacharana under special  considerations  • As it is a natural anesthetic method – patient even don’t feel of pain • Many adopt this method in Skin diseases  like Acne, etc Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  18. 18. 01 Rakta Mokshana ‐ Cupping OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Rakta Mokshana ‐ Cupping  • Either Dry or wet Cupping is getting prevalent  in OPD as this procedure is easy to adopt by  raising  vacuum in the cup either by fire or  sucking the air out • Wide range of diseases are treated with  g cupping – musculoskeletal diseases are most  common Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  19. 19. 01 Agnikarma OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Agnikarma • Agnikarma is also much in practice in west Agnikarma is also much in practice in west  coast mostly with Shalaka or with Acupressure  pinned cauterization pinned cauterization  • Many muscular disease or disk compressions  are attended with this method are attended with this method Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  20. 20. 01 Conclusion OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Conclusion • The OPD practice of Panchakarma is encouraged  i t i th ti t in present scenario as the patients – – Do not have time with their schedules  – Accommodating patients in a hospital environment is – Accommodating patients in a hospital environment is  costly  – Above to all the new technology of Tele‐medicine is  developed to monitor patient online  • With OPD level Panchakarma development and  adaptation e can propagate Panchakarma in a adaptation we can propagate Panchakarma in a  better way with cost effective patient friendly  environment Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at environment 
  21. 21. 01 Thank You OPD services in Panchakarma 01 Thank You Ayurmitra & Nadi Guru Prof KSR Prasad  (Technoayurveda) 9290566566/9503227966 / Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at 9290566566/9503227966 /

To protect and Treat these “NO TIME” people we need to adopt OPD level Panchakarma by Ayurmitra & Nadi Guru Prof KSR Prasad (Technoayurveda)


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