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Food consultancy presentaction powerpoint



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We at B.kumar Food Consultancy service are giving Training and Set up food manufacturing plant and Provides recipe for the same,So, In this presentation you can get these all details that how how & in Which area we are working

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Food consultancy presentaction powerpoint

  1. 1. “Turning your vision in to profits”
  2. 2. This is our company’s presentation having following Details Our company’s details. Food area ,in which we are giving consultancy. Our Experience & List of our Clients. What is our Working Style With Clients? Our presence in media.
  3. 3. OUR COMPANY’S DETAILS Name of our Company :B.kumar Food Consultancy Services. Ownership: Proprietary Firm. Address:Office No.35, Kalpvan Business Plaza, Gondal National Highway,Rajkot-360035(Gujarat) email: website: GST No.24ACOPK2846C1ZR No. Of Clients:More than 100 in Three years. Name of Owner: B.kumar ( Founder CEO). Continue on next page…
  4. 4. FOOD AREA IN WHICH ,WE ARE GIVING CONSULTANCY As a food consultant , we provides consultancy for every area of food ,in which following are our main services- 1,Food Manufacturing Plant set up; a turn key project. 2,New recipe Development. 3,Your existing recipe enhancement. 4,Food Fortification. 5,Development of Packaging materials for your food products. 6,Legal matter checking on Food Packing materials as per FSSAI & 21CFR /Any country’s requirements. 7,Nutritional value analysis without Laboratory,Just for idea. 8,Set up of in-house laboratory & Training. 9,Process enhancement of your existing Food Manufacturing unit.
  5. 5. In continuation of these Food area in which we are giving consultancy; we just gives you an idea ,that some of my clients are more than 40years old food manufacturing unit’s owner’s ,they are just taking our service for the development of new products recipe/Flavours or process Automisation or process enhancements ; While some of our clients are new comers and most of the my clients are those, who want to diversify his existing Non Food Business to set up entirely new food manufacturing units. Following are the food Products in which we are giving services- 1,Namkeen(Ratlami sev, Aallo bhujia,Chakri ,Chana Jor, more than 90 variants). 2,Khakhra:It’s wheat crisp, and we have developed more than 150 types of Flavors ;We are the one & only in India who can set up Fully automatic manufacturing plant for Khakhra in Round/Coin/Mobile shaped/Triangle etc, having manufacturing capacity in the range of 50kg to 2.5 MT Per day, such three plants we have already set up;Also set up Hand made khakhra making plant. 3,Indian Flat Bread(Chapati/Roti)/Thepla/Bhakhari/Panipuri:The future of packaged Roti and Thepla is very bright and we do consultancy for the same. Continue on next page…
  6. 6. 4,Papapd:Papad,Mathiya,Chorafali,Suvari,Appalam like more than 90 variants ,which are made from Papadkhar/Sajjikhar or Without papadkhar,Export quality,Domestic quality, Low cost, Premium and unlimited such range like Aaloo Papad, Poha papad, Wheat Papad, Ragi papad, Urad papad, Rice papad(Khichiya) etc. 5,Dosa/Kachori/Samosa(In dry form):Dosa will be in more than 18 flavours like Cheese chili, and Kachori will be in 10 Flavours while samosa also in 10 Flavours. 6,Instant Noodles/Nachos/Wafer/Pitta chips: in Hundreds of flavours;Main thing in Noodles are it’s taste maker. 7,Bakery items/Biscuits:Bread/Buns, Khari(Puffed Pastry),Nankhatai(Cookies),Toast and Puff as well as Pizza base Roti.And new introduced Doroyaki cake(Doremon cack as per childrens) which is Japanese can be developed in more than 72 variants, which are flavour wise as well as Base flour wise.Potato Biscuit which is currently imported in India. 8,Soya Products:Soya milk in more than 90 flavours,Soya paneer(Tofu) in three variants, Okara biscuits, Soya Nougats, Vagetable meat products like Kebabs in frozen variants. 9,Spice Blends & Seasoning:Spice blends are using in home kitchen like Garam masala,Chat masala in more than 63 variants ; And Seasoning are taste makers for Namkeen and roasted products like Cream & Onion ,Such hundreds of variants we can make;Which is being used by Snack Industry mainly . Low sodium salt & Butter salt:Low sodium salt is healthy alternative to common salt,in which 50% less sodium present than common salt, And Butter salt in many variants used by Kettle system Popcorn units like in Malls,Cinema hall etc. Continue on next page…
  7. 7. 10,Compounded Asafoetida: Compounded Asafoetida in various form like Powder,Lumps and Paste form so many manufacturing units has been established by us.Northen India,South india and Export purpose Hing are recipe wise too differ,We make these all kind of variety. 11,Pickles :More than 30 variety of pickles which can be consumed immediately or will be kept for one year,It would be simple like Olive oil in brine, or complicated like Mix vegetable pickles having shelf life of one year. 12,Instant Premix Powder:More than 60type of Variants, Icecream premix, Waffle premix, Khaman premix,Idli dosa premix,Gulabjamun Premix and many more,The leading company is MTR 13,Tea:Detox tea(Like Girnar Brand),Green Tea,Tea & Coffee Premix,Immune Booster Green Tea in Tea Sticks & Tea Bag form.These are can be possible in more than 30 varieties like Rose,Chamomile,Mint etc. 14,Ready to eat Food Products: Which can be based on retort technology, and can be stored at Ambient temperature ,the products are Punjabi chhole masala, Suki bhaji like 100 of products with 6 months shelf life. 15,Restaurent Snacks System:Half cooked materials recipe and Manufacturing standards provided by us & manufacturing at central system ,than it is transported at various out let to serve customer ,by re-cooking it again.These products are Samosa,Momos and hundreds of other items. Continue on next page…
  8. 8. 16,Vegetable Cooking Paste/PowderThis is very large section,And the demand would be increasing day by day, for all kitchen and hotels to save time,Like tomato puree ,Ginger-Garlic paste, Green chili etc. & Dry Chutney which can be made Wet paste after reconstitution with Water or Curd in many varieties. 17,Dehydration of vegetables:Onion,Garlic,Green chilli,Potato type many products are preserved by purchasing it at peak season and after dehydration, it is selling to various industries.Grapes,Dates and many Moore items has very good market. 18, Flour & Besan:Various type of Flour like Almond Flour, fortified flour,Multigrain,Gluten-Free, and Enhanced quality Besan and Special Besan improver Additives premix.Thepla flour ,which can be used by just adding water & Oil by customer. 19,Mouth Freshner/Tobaco enhancement/Lime small pack5g:More than 70variety of Mouth freshener, Lime parcel specially used in Gujarat along with Tobaco ,that is called FAKI or MAWA in Gujarat. 20,Beverages:Carbonated & Non Carbonated drinks like Jeera Soda and Juices, as well as innovative drink like immune booster Golden Milk/Sugar can juice/Fortified Juice.Also Packaged drinking water of various variety like fortified. 21,Extruded Snacks(Core filled and Non filled) & Fryums:Too yum/Balaji Popring Brand type Corn products in more than 100flavours. 22,Energy Bar(Chikki):Peanut chikki,Sesame Chikki,Dry fruit chikki,Sugar can juice Chikki and many more varieties. Continue on next page…
  9. 9. 23,Peanut Butter and other Nut spread:Various nut like almond and Peanut having more fat ,so, the Butter from these Nuts can me made. 24,Special Packaging Technology:Special technology to Pack your sensitive materials like Dal-Pakwan, Dal - Rice, Thepla&Dahi Tikhari,Sugar can juice,Cut fruit like Avocado etc. 25,Jam/Jelly/Soft candy:Jelly used in Shrikhand & Icecream ;as well as consumer pack of candy form,And Soft candy means supplied in Air India like Imli & Sugar/Jaggery. 26,Edible Cutlery:The Soup Spoon, Fork, Icecream stick & Icecream Spoon which can be eaten ,when you have completed the Soup or Icecream, The future is very bright due to plastic ban around world. 27,Roasted Snacks:Due to increasing health conscious awareness various type of roasted snacks are in high demand like Pumpkin seed, Almond, Pistachio, Jowar, Wheat, Corn, Ragi, Makhana etc. in more than 90 flavours 28,Miscellaneous Services by us :Fermentation of Bakers yeast,Vodka,Wine,Hand sanitizer, O.R.S.,Shampoo, Sharbat, Innovative machine development for food,Oil consumption solution,Cost saving Solution.Technological help in mobile App Development for food industry.Making write up for your products which is related with technical matter like What is ingredients and how it is benefited to you health;My that write up will help you to make your advertising brochure. 29,Frozen Items:The recipe & Process will be provided to make Frozen Paratha,Samosa,Thepla,Roti,Dried Fruit and many more Ready to eat Food Products manufacturing plant we can me.
  10. 10. OUR EXPERIENCE & OUR CLIENTS Our Founder CEO Mr.B.kumar has more than 27years experience in Food,Pharmaceutical & Ayurvedic Domestic & Multinational company’s. One Next slide ,find his brief experience
  11. 11. Year 1992:10 Years in Dabur India Limited for Food & Pharmaceuticals. Year 2002:2 years in Medicamen Biotech Limited(joint venture with Denmark) Year 2005:5 years in Ban Labs Limited. Year 2010: 5 Years in HSM Foods International Pvt. Ltd. Year 2014: 3 Years in Somnath & Jalaram Enterprise. Association: Year 1998 onwards ,Member of IPA(Indian Pharmaceutical Association) for 7 years.
  13. 13. What is our Working Style With Clients? Following are steps; on that basis we work with client on any project- Why we are successfully working and established more than 72 food manufacturing units across India, i.e. only due our following way of work, We are doing client’s consultancy by following 9 points – First step is Preliminary discussion to understood my clients requirement,After understanding the required Project; We are Sending the the Quotation as per My Clients requirement,Which might be Single Quotation or Full Rate chart,And it might be changed frequently or No changes would be there,Because of Clients mentality,Like They are increasing more work to get more discounts, as we are giving discounts on Nos. of work/Flavour/Project size/; So, again revised Final Quotation will be sent to Client.Telephonic conversation with My client's to confirm that ,Have you received Quotation,If Received,Than No follow up call will be made by Us,If clients call are coming for any thing related with Quotation we are too much happy to reply,But Follow up call system after sending Quotation is strictly not to be done as per instruction given to our Staff. If Quotation approved, Than as per mentioned amount to be demanded from Client, as an Advance, With Applicable government taxes. In Step No.2 ,After receipt of Advance payment: As per Products/Projects requirement mentioned in quotation, We are mailing following list to clients ; in that list every contact numbers and name of items mentioned, So it would be easy for you to procure that items like machines,RM,PM etc. (1),Raw Materials required to make/improve product. (2),PM Materials :If needs as per our quotation. to be sent to client through email. (3)Machines List. As above list are just to help the clients, Other wise our recommendation are always to procure the items from clients known suppliers only ; Means Client are free to procure from anywhere, not from our recommended suppliers. Call to client, to confirm that the Raw materials List received,And to teach How to use that Raw Materials List,Because in that Raw materials List, Following information are there to procure materials- 1-Name of Raw Materials 2-Quantity of Raw materials required. 3-Contact Phone Numer or Emails of Above Raw materials supplier (But it's depends on clients ,If Client want he can procure it from his own source,And I prefer tht one ,as it would be more better. Packaging materials are main part of marketing,But here it's depends on Clients,And we always instruct clients to send us final copy of packaging materials to complies it as per FSSAI Rules ,So, through mail we are giving changes , If any in packaging materials.If clients ask , than we provide him contact Numbers of Packaging materials also. Now next step is installation of machines,And than Raw materials procurement,Which is being done by client's staff;during doing these work may be 10 to 20 days passed by clients.Nest is step No.3:…
  14. 14. Step No.3;Visiting of client’s premise:When 100% Raw materials received,And machines installed, than Client are informing us,And that time ,we are giving the information to take CoA of some critical Raw materials, If CoA is not available, than , we recommend to analyze that part icular Raw Materials for particular Test, And up to this level ,We are prepared to visit at your plant to make your Materials as per our contract, than after we are giving the date,S o,On that date we will visit clients Manufacturing unit,And on my first day of clients Unit, we observe the total utilities,And after visit,If any minor change required ,We instruct tha t to do work smoothly from next day. Step No.4; Our First Day at Client’s Premise:On our First day at your site, We observe our existing production and way of work and find our any loophole ,if you are already doing this work, and than at the evening on same day we provides you the Recipe BOM(Bill of materials),in that BOM,Full recipe will be mentioned along with precautions to be take. Step No.5;Real Work started at Client’s premise:On our Second day ,work will start,Means ,Whatever recipe we have provided to client in soft copy,We will teach how to make that Product,And also we tech how to use our BOM,As our BOM is precisely prepared, and it's co mplicated ,so basic knowledge of that BOM,We are giving to clients, it requires 3-4 hours at table with client. Our total visit time depends on how much recipes/Work are there,Generally for any improvement One day is sufficient at your place, and to develop new products, It depends on how much items are to e prepared. As per Quotation, each and every product we prepare, and Organoleptic test being done by Organoleptic members,And as per Clie nts requirement/Clients satisfaction,One by one all products prepared. When product prepared as per clients satisfaction level,We leave the unit,And completed our work. Step No.6;Our One year Free Consultancy:As Clients satisfaction is not our satisfaction,Because, actual it's depends on end u ser,So, Now our real work will start,Means when product entered in market,And whatever feedback received by clients,He inform us,And If any negative feedback about product o bserved, than up to one year our Service to that client are free,We will improve and remove all cause of negative responce either related with Recipe formulation or Packaging related issue.In this full year you can discuss and take different kind of changes, If required in Recipes, And , we are bound to do these changes free of cost up to this full y ear. Above One year Free consultancy contract start time will be countable after first batch produced;Not after receipt of Advance for your practical benefit, And when you would like to revise our Contract, We can be again associate with you @36% of this Quoted Rate for another One year;As per our payment term , all expense bear by us, But after your satisfaction, this one year free consultancy does not includes our Hotel expense, Traveling and other actual expenses; If you call us for further visits, Only visitng and consultancy charges will be Nil ,till one year. All recipes and Manufacturing procedure would be done as per FSSAI Regulation 2011(If out of India,than concerned Food Regula tory’s guidance would be followed as per that country. All packaging materials approved by me ,as per ,Food safety and standards(Packaging & Labelling ) Regulation 2011(Free Servic e) All operation procedure system know-how will be provided by us; and such system implementation will be done by you; That's depends on which option you have selected. Technical guidance on printing matter of packaging materials will be provided by us; Because as per FSSAI regulations & Guid elines you have to send us all designs through mail, And give you approval that it must be complies With the FSSAI regulation 2011, And FSSAI Rules 2006, Either we will give yo u approval or we will recommend changes needs.
  15. 15. To know more about us ; Visit following links
  16. 16. Our some of the write up for General public as an Link Click here for Our Article on Asafoetida ,As an useful Spice Click here to know ;Why Food Consultant is needed by Any Good Food Manufacturers Click to know How the business after Covid19 Pandemic. Click to know how you can save your Food Product by UV Rays World’s most comprehensive Article on Khakhra(Wheat Crisp) Future of Food Industry in India on Page No.60 in this leading Food Magazine How we do our consultancy ,listen our audio with clients
  17. 17. Our Media Presence ( Visit Link on each Media)
  18. 18. “This is the end of This Document, But this might be Starting point of your business & Turning Point For you.”