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3 The vast majority of Upfront Ventures Bitcoin & Blockchain VC Survey

The vast majority of investors view blockchain as a major innovation, while a
few admit to not knowing the category well enough to predict
Which of the following best describes your personal views about
n = 191
Blockchains are enabling the next generation infrastructure of the
Internet and will fundamentally disrupt how many industries
operate. This is the biggest technology disruption since mobile
Blockchains are an interesting area of innovation and will help
create some great new market opportunities for investors but
may not be as big as today’s hype
It’s just a new form of database. This market is completely
overhyped. It will work in some instances but not many
I fundamentally don’t believe in blockchain technologies. They
are slow, complex to manage, energy-intensive and inefficient
I don’t understand enough about blockchain to have an informed
opinion on this question

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