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18 Most investors see a Upfront Ventures Bitcoin & Blockchain VC Survey

Most investors see a long-term role for both BTC and ETH, but 1/3 of
respondents believe ETH will significantly surpass BTC in the long-run.
What is your belief about Bitcoin vs. Ethereum?
n = 117, excludes 52 respondents who opted out
Both BTC and ETH have an interesting and important role to
play in the future of global currencies and commerce
BTC will be a superior, more valuable asset than ETH
because it has greater market recognition and a simpler
use case as an alternative to gold
ETH will emerge as a much stronger platform than BTC due
to better governance, ability to adapt algorithms, broader
use-cases, and more developers flocking to the platform
Both will win
BTC will win
ETH will win

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