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15 Investors are optimistic about Upfront Ventures Bitcoin & Blockchain VC Survey

Investors are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin with 62% believing it will
be a significant store of value or currency in the long-run.
What statement best describes your personal view on Bitcoin?
n = 146, excludes 23 respondents who opted out
BTC won’t play a major role in the future due to
combination of gov. crackdowns, tech limitations, or
lack of general public interest
BTC has interesting reasons to exist, but is likely
to be a niche asset / commodity in the long run
BTC will be a significant global ‘store of value’ that
may someday rival gold, but is not likely to be a
significant 'transfer of value,’ payment currency
BTC will fundamentally disrupt the financial
services industry and may someday rival
national fiat currencies

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