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12 Investors are deeply skeptical Upfront Ventures Bitcoin & Blockchain VC Survey

Investors are deeply skeptical of ICOs as a fundraising mechanism, with nearly
1/5th of investors believing they are effectively a scam.
Which statement best describes your view on ICOs?
n = 150, 20 respondents opted out
ICOs are a scam; in the long-run, market skepticism and
regulatory oversight will cause the ICO market to collapse
I’m pretty skeptical - they may be effective in
niche situations but aren’t the best way for most
founders to raise capital
The liquidity of ICOs is a good trend because it will let
investors shorten timeframes to return capital; they
won’t replace VC but are a good supplement
ICOs will revolutionize capital formation; between
higher liquidity, crowd-sourced nature, and ease of
raise, ICOs will be a permanent fixture

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