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  1. 1. What is Infotainment ? Information-based media content that also includes entertainment content in an effort to enhance popularity with audiences and consumers. Infotainment Info tainment Information Entertainment
  2. 2. Infotainment Infotainment Content Delivered Entertaining Attract Consumer's Interest Informative
  3. 3. Origin of Infotainment This term was 1st used in September 1980 by British information scientist who put comedy shows on their professional conference.
  4. 4. Evolution of Infotainment How Technology changes the Infotainment Style. • Newspaper. • Radio. • Television. • Computer. • Smart Phone. • In Vehicle Infotainment.
  5. 5. Why Infotainment ? • To Inform. • To Educate. • To Entertain. • To persuade customer. • To launch a new product in the market. • To present the News in an entertaining way.
  6. 6. Journalism vs Infotainment Earlier journalism was concerned with reporting of serious subjects. Infotainment supports activities as Marketing Advertisement, Sports news, Sales & finance and Delivery.
  7. 7. The Characteristics Of Infotainment • The typical style of Infotainment television contains computer-animated logos, eye-catching visuals and rhetorical headlines. • The phenomenon of infotainment denotes a type of television news where style triumphs over substance, the mode of presentation becoming more important than the content.
  8. 8. The Characteristics Of Infotainment • Infotainment provides stories for its consumers. It tries to search for the thrilling, special and surprising essence of an event and makes an entertaining, exciting story out of it. • The strongest and most defining characteristics of Infotainment itself are personalization and emotionalism.
  9. 9. Infotainment in vehicles. Examples of Infotainment Infotainment on Television. Radio & More TV Shows and Advertisement
  10. 10. Examples of Infotainment Infotainment on Internet Infotainment on Newspaper
  11. 11. Advantage Of Infotainment Infotainment focuses attention on major issues in a format people will watch. • Society benefits from more citizen involvement and interest in these issues. Infotainment can provide a voice to those whom more "serious" journalists sneer at. • It allows more sides of a story to be heard – a more multi-faceted “truth.”
  12. 12. • It also can attract public interest about important subjects, which responsible journalists can then investigate. Infotainment connects us with one another. • Such shows are the colonial taverns or Main Street barbershops of our time, a focal point for discourse. Advantages Of Infotainment
  13. 13. Disadvantages Of Infotainment When news is mixed with entertainment, the audience becomes confused. • We have increasing difficulty separating fact from fiction. As a result, we are misinformed Infotainment tends to generate or reinforce powerful stereotypes. • Issues tend to be oversimplified into "us against them." Because media time and space are limited, we also are uninformed. • Infotainment takes up "room" that could have gone to other important topics.
  14. 14. Conclusion • Infotainment is a great and effective method to deliver knowledge to the people as it takes the pressure off and make it a real fun. • As the entertainment factor attracts those people who otherwise would have neglected the information being conveyed; e.g. children • Also infotainment tends to convey the message in a more subtle manner and with ease.
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