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How to Create and Format Charts in PowerPoint

You'll most likely have to enter charts for a presentation. You can either use one you already have in Excel or create one manually on the fly right in PowerPoint. Let's do both so that you can see how they work. The first thing we're going to do is insert a new slide. We'll create a chart based on the New Color Vote Results because I already have one in Excel. So let's create a new slide, we'll do Title and Content, and I'll also title this New Color Vote Results. So the first thing we're going to do is insert a chart from PowerPoint.

So down here I'm going to select Insert Chart right in my content placeholder, and now I can choose from all the different types of charts. There is lots of choices like Column, Line, Pie Chart, and Bar Chart, in this case I'll choose a Pie Chart. Now I can also choose the style like a 3-D Pie chart. The regular one is fine so I'm going to select it and hit OK. From here it pops up a little mini Excel window in which I can actually just start typing all my data. So I'll start typing them in, I can start typing and then just hit Tab to go to the next cell, even if it's on a new row.

When I'm all done I can click the X in the top right and my chart is made. From here I can click on the green plus to add or remove any chart elements that I don't want to see such as the actual Data Labels. For example, I can put in the actual values and percentages for my charts.So this is a chart that we've made right in PowerPoint. I can shrink it, I can enlarge it, just like any other PowerPoint element. But for now I'm going to hit the Delete key and delete it entirely because I'm going to show you how to do the same thing except paste from a chart you already have in Excel.

So let's go to our Assets folder, and we're going to open up the Color Votes Excel file again that we've already used, because I already made a chart from this data. I'm going to select my chart, right-click, and choose Copy. Now I'm going to come back to my PowerPoint presentation, right-click again and choose Paste, but there is some options that we have. For example, we can use Destination Theme & Embed Workbook. Now what this means is it's going to keep all the same colors that I have in my PowerPoint theme, however, it's going to embed the Excel Workbook.

Now just like we talked about when we embedded a table, there is some security risks that goes along with this not to mention an inflated file size, because we're actually dumping an Excel file right into this presentation. So even if we present the file, it's one thing, but if anybody's opening the PowerPoint file, they'll have access to my entire Excel Workbook. Now Keep Source Formatting & Embed Workbook is the exact same thing as the last option except instead of changing the colors to match the theme of my presentation, it's going to keep them exactly as they were in the Excel file.

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