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Museums creating value online Kajsa Hartig april 23 2020

Short presentation at the April 22 Webinar by We Are Museums, on Museums creating value online - amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

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Museums creating value online Kajsa Hartig april 23 2020

  1. 1. Museums creating value online Some thoughts in response to the Covid-19 crisis 2 Online Webinar, April 22, 2020, We Are Museums Kajsa Hartig, Head of Collections and Cultural Environments, Västernorrlands museum, Härnösand, Sweden Twitter: @kajsahartig
  2. 2. 1) Value creation online 2) Covid-19 3) Long term effects – sustainable efforts 4) Short term focus 3
  3. 3. Creating value online?
  4. 4. 5 Online exhibitions?
  5. 5. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 6
  6. 6. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 7
  7. 7. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 8
  8. 8. Rapidly growing interest in digital from all over the organisation
  9. 9. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 10 1. Affecting organisations – who is doing what? 2. Internal discussions on value creation 3. The role of digital staff and digital departments 4. How do we learn from this experience?
  10. 10. Asking colleagues around the world
  11. 11. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 12 1. Douglas Hegley, Minneapolis Institute of Art 2. Paula Bray, DX Lab Leader, State Library of New South Wales 3. Risto Sarvas, Professor of Practice, Aalto University Three interviews
  12. 12. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 13 • Overall strategic objectives of the museum need to be in place • Think of usability first (good interface design) • Continuous innovation (being proactive in the digital space) • Audience needs (basing decisions on what works for the audience, using feedback to drive change) Creating online value
  13. 13. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 14 • Accessibility (creating experiences that are open and available to audiences with a broad array of accessibility challenges) • Being aware that online is being global (attending to various needs of individuals from a broad variety of spoken languages and cultural/socio-economic backgrounds). • Stay on top of trends and audiences’ needs and behaviours • Adopt agile work methods with prototyping, testing and iterating Creating online value
  14. 14. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 15 Paula Bray: Work with multi-disciplinary teams that can respond quickly “everyone works in digital now” Risto Sarvas: ”…at the end of the day it is about capabilities, skills, and ways of working, which means rethinking organizational structures and leadership. The current approach (the medication typically subscribed, if you will) to all this seems to be to build a nimble, reflective and independently working organization. The fashionable terms are “agility” and “responsiveness” Douglas Hegley: Today’s challenges ”…requires a flatter, non-siloed org structure and cross-functional collaboration the likes of which museums have never really seen before.” Impact on work practices
  15. 15. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 16 Paula Bray: “Thinking of the web as a prototyping platform can be very useful.” Risto Sarvas: “… the key to the change is to have smart, multi- talented, happy people in an organization that values diversity, creativity, and has a clear mission…” Douglas Hegley: “Doing digital well includes being prepared for ongoing, iterative work to keep the experience fresh, up-to-date, and evolving with the innovations that take place in the digital realm that is all around us.” Taking the first step
  16. 16. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 17 • Raising awareness of the museum’s core mission in relation to online initiatives • Raising awareness of the public ecosystem of touch points that museums occupy (the magic story universe) • Building agility and responsiveness into the organisation • Understanding diverse audiences • Developing skills for storytelling • Understanding different formats for delivering value online. What can we do short term?
  17. 17. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 18 How do we make the most of the digital environment? Not just trying to copy physical experiences? What traits are unique for the digital environment?
  18. 18. 20xx-xx-xxPresentation titel / 19 Please take time to read the excellent posts on delivering long-term value online by: • Douglas Hegley, Chief Digital Officer at Minneapolis Institute of Art in the USA • Risto Sarvas, Professor of Practice, Aalro University in Finland • Paula Bray, DX Lab Leader, State Library of New South Wales in Australia Links