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Talent Recruitment: The right person for the right job

Talent Recruitment: Hiring process to find and select the right person, for the right job with the right methods and process

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Talent Recruitment: The right person for the right job

  1. 1. Excellence through Culture, Talent, and Change Talent Recruitment Hiring the right person, for the right job, using the right process by Dr. Tjitra & Zhao Dan
  2. 2. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change • Tjitra & associates is a management consultancy founded by Dr. Tjitra with offices in Hangzhou and Hong Kong. Our work focuses on the CULTURE, TALENT and CHANGE. • In the last twelve years, Dr. Tjitra and his team have collected International project experiences at the global, regional and national level in the US, Europe and Asia with senior leaders from over forty countries. • A team of multilingual psychologist are dedicated to strive for excellence and provide tailor-made service solutions. We devote ourselves in ensuring sustainable business results by understanding the exact needs and situation of our clients. Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 2
  3. 3. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Agenda 1 Importance of Recruitment 4 2 Recruitment Process Model 6 3 Project Best Practice: Applied Recruitment in Corporate 13 4 About Us 17 Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 3
  4. 4. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Garbage In, Garbage Out The significance influences of the right recruitment process for the business results Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 4
  5. 5. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change The right Talent, for the right Job, in the right Organization Organization • Culture • Job • System • etc. Recruitment Candidates • Process • Talent • Methods • Qualifications • Policy • Expectation • etc. • etc. Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 5
  6. 6. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change The right talent, for the right job ensure the right results Without the right people in the right positions, neither a company nor its individual units can turn in exceptional performance. Hiring decisions are among the most important decisions made by managers. Good hiring decisions create a foundation for more effective performance by employees, teams, and the company overall. A whole recruitment process contain two main parts: Prospecting and Assessing Objective Expected Results • Attract sufficient candidates • Add to, maintain, or readjust workforces • Employ the motivated talent • Transmit the corporation culture, • Build good relationship between build the organization image the organization and the rejected candidates Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 6
  7. 7. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Recruitment Process Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 7
  8. 8. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Basics of Recruitment Process Model • Defining the • Organize events • Acquisition at the • E-Recruiting, required for recruitment • Contract exact Market / Online negotiations and qualification assessment • Create and take Talent pool signing • Classifying the out a job • Telephone fields of activity advertisement • Administration of • Big proposal applicants’ data interview management • Scheduling the • Build up an recruitment image of the • Online application • Assessment questionnaire Center • Status report process organization Retrieval of Scheduling HR-Marketing Assessment of eligible On-boarding candidates candidates Process Management (Systems, Controlling, Settlement) Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 8
  9. 9. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Recruitment Process I: Scheduling Demands Practice • Job Description • Clear specification of HR - Client relationship needs management. • Time frame / Time table - Co-ownership on project acquisition and business • Staffing Requirements development with the executive director. • Cost analyses - Delivery of consulting, • Defining the required training, and assessment in qualification the areas of Culture, Talent and Change • Classifying the fields of activity • Recruitment Time Frame • Scheduling the - Advertisement: 1 week recruitment process - Screening: 1 week - Interview: 3 days Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 9
  10. 10. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Recruitment Process II: HR-Marketing Demands Practice • External sources • Organize events for recruitment - Advertising - Employment agencies • Create and take out a job - Career fairs advertisement • Company image • Build up an image of the - Professional Ads. and organization website • Internal source - Innovation letters and reject development letters • External sources Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 10
  11. 11. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Recruitment Process III: Retrieval of Eligible Candidates Demands Practice • Acquisition at the exact • Administration of market / talent pool applicants’ data • Administration of - Structured data table applicants’ data - Screening criteria • Online application • Informal contacts questionnaire - Personal relationship • Informal contacts - Business relationship net • Select a diversity of • Online application organizational contact and - Focus questions recruiters for outreach and support - Biographic data Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 11
  12. 12. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Basic of Assessment Center • Assessment center is a process that involves several selection methods. It is widely used to select and promote staff. • Basic ideas of assessment center: No single method of selection is perfect and More than one ability or competence is needed to achieve success • Micro approach of assessment center design Stage 1: Determine the Dimensions Stage 2: Stage 7: The “Wash-up” Exercise-dimension Matrix Stage 3: Stage 6: Writing Exercises Stage 8: Feedback Assessment Center Itself Stage 4: Phasing Exercises Stage 9: Evaluation Stage 5: Choosing & Training Assessors The End Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 12
  13. 13. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Applied Assessment Center 0 Corporate value and Basic Successful profile definition competence model 1 Phone interview (20’ - 30’) Techniques 2 Assessment Center Itself Behavioral and In-depth interview (90’) psychological traits 3 Strategic presentation (60’) On-site test 4 Business English proficiency (20’) Language 5 Psychometric test (60’, optional) Personality Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 13
  14. 14. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Project Best Practice: Generic Recruitment in Corporate Practices Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 14
  15. 15. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Generic Recruiting Process E.g. Oct 25 Target Market • Local labor market • Personal relationship net • Business relationship net Oct 27 Job Advertisement • Job distribution • Job Responsibilities • Qualification and Attributes Nov 7 1st Screening • Qualification Initiative Hunting • Experience • Biographical data • Labor market search • Relation net search Nov 10 2nd Screening • E-mail questioning • Invitation for further • Telephone Interview information Nov 18 Interview • In-depth interview • Competence test • Personality test Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 15
  16. 16. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Optimize Recruiting Process - Applying the right methods Recruiting Yield Pyramid Average Ratio of Ratio 500 companies (Lord, J.S. (1989)) Hires 100 Nontechnical Technical 2:1 5:4 5:2 Offers 200 Interviews 3:2 5:2 300 Invites 400 4:3 4:1 Leads 2400 6:1 14:1 • Compare with average or historical ratio • Problems can be observed from “abnormal” data • Reflection can be detailed at every step Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 16
  17. 17. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Optimize Recruiting Process, Selecting the Right Talent Eligibility Right Talent Miss Wrong Wrong Employ Reject Accept Selection Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 17
  18. 18. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change About Us Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 18
  19. 19. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Consultant Profile - Hora Tjitra, Ph.D. Professional Background Dr. Tjitra has performed international management consultancy, training, assessment, coaching and research in Asia and Europe. His working areas are focused on intercultural management as well as human resource, organizational and strategic development. Prior coming to China, he used to live and work in Germany for fourteen years and was responsible for the global diversity as well as Asian business and management development practices of leading HR consulting companies in Germany. In addition to his consulting works, he held a position as associate professor for applied psychology at the Zhejiang University (China). Education and Professional Qualification Dr.-Phil. in cross-cultural psychology and strategic management from the University of Regensburg (Germany) Dipl.-psych. in organizational behavior and HR management from the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany) Certification in Hogan Assessment System (China/US), Strategic Management from McKinsey&Co (Italy/Germany) and HR Management from INSEAD (Singapore/ France) Executive Director and Senior Consultant Language and other qualification He is fluent in Indonesian, German, English, and can communicate in Chinese and • Intercultural Qualification, Training is a member of the International Academy for Intercultural Research and and Consulting International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. • Executive Assessment and Coaching • Talent Development and Management References / Sample Clients International project experiences for top and middle management at the global and • Strategic Change and Organizational national level in over ten countries in Europe and Asia. Development SAP, Saint-Gobain, Barco, Ameco Beijing, SCHOTT, Siemens, BASF, DHL, Telkom Indonesia, etc. Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 19
  20. 20. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Contact Address and Associates Hong Kong Office: Hangzhou Office: Success Commercial Building, 6/F, Room A Guangyin Plaza, Suite 812 245 - 251 Hennesy Road, Wanchai 42 Fengqi Road, Hangzhou 310010 HONG KONG P.R. CHINA Contact Person: Daisy Zheng 245-251 42 6 A Phone +86 571 8763 1203 812 Fax +86 571 8763 1210 Phone +852 2585 8064 Phone +86 571 8763 1203 Email: Fax +852 2802 1803 Fax +86 571 8763 1210 Hire the Right People_v1.0/2008-11 20
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Talent Recruitment: Hiring process to find and select the right person, for the right job with the right methods and process


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