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Using Snapchat for business marketing. And brand cases that made it right.

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This presentation will briefly show you what is Snapchat, stats about users and how you can use it in business and marketing purposes. Also you will see best cases of Snapchat campaigns.

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Using Snapchat for business marketing. And brand cases that made it right.

  2. 2. Today it is MUST HAVE THING
  3. 3. The question is So…?
  4. 4. Why should your brand be on Snapchat?
  5. 5. only 1% of marketers are on Snapchat! Because
  6. 6. Millenials & Gen Z Yet, whole new generation of customers keeps increasing their time and activity.
  7. 7. BeLEADER 1stBe a
  8. 8. Let’s go through some basics first.
  9. 9. Snapchat is… Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called Snaps. The sender determines how many seconds (1-10) the recipient can view the Snap before the file disappears from the recipient's device.
  10. 10. Although users use Snapchat for private purposes it brings a whole new opportunity for brands to connect and communicate with new generations.
  12. 12. WHY?
  13. 13. Brand on Snapchat Brand on Snapchat equals friend on Snapchat and that’s a great way for marketers in an early phase to approach people… = FRIEND Because…
  14. 14. Brief history of Snapchat
  15. 15. So we can say is a year of that 2015 Snapchat
  16. 16. Let’s see facts about it
  17. 17. 1 billion Stories viewed per day 400 million snaps sent per day 100 million active monthly users Snapchat stats
  18. 18. 71% of Snappers are under 25 years old (USA) 77% of college kids use Snapchat daily (USA) Highest Snapchat usage is in North America (55%) Snapchat in North America
  19. 19. 25% UK students use Snapchat Europe has 32 % users 50% of Norway Smartphone users use Snapchat Snapchat in Europe
  20. 20. Fact of all Facts
  21. 21. Kim K is thinking to start communicate with her fans over the Snapchat :)
  22. 22. Setting up an account
  23. 23. Setting up an account
  24. 24. @username username should match your brand name it is good to keep some consistency between your Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram name keep it simple
  25. 25. password If someone hacks your account and you’re a brand they could do a lot of damage because on Snapchat content you send disappears So… USE a strong password
  26. 26. Sending your first Snap
  27. 27. There are two types of content you can share with your followers Photo Snap Video Snap
  28. 28. Click for a Photo Snap Press and hold for a Video Snap
  29. 29. Once you snapped it, you can adjust it…
  30. 30. Add some text Custom drawings Snap duration
  31. 31. Also you can Save it to a gallery Add it to your Story Next
  32. 32. Finally, all you have to do is to choose who do you want to send it… or add some more contacts and than send it Simple as that
  33. 33. Snapchat has four basic screens and you can easily swipe between them…
  34. 34. Snap StoriesChat Discover Snapchat Screens
  35. 35. Stories Snapchat story is a photo or video you post to your very own stories. Stories are visible by you and all your friends. Under this section you can stream your friends stories. Snapchat stories last for 24 hours You can set Stories to be visible to your friends, everyone or custom listing
  36. 36. Discover is series of channels where media outlets can share streams of photos, videos and articles with all the app’s users. This is a paid service for big brands that partner with Snapchat. Discover
  37. 37. Chat as you guess is a place to chat with your friends… Chat
  38. 38. Best way for a brand to connect with people is to publish public Stories.
  39. 39. So think about…
  40. 40. How your brand can use it?
  41. 41. Meanwhile you can see some of the best Snapchat campaigns for inspiration.
  42. 42. Audi Snapchat campaign
  43. 43. To watch video click on a picture
  44. 44. #LastSelfie Campaign World Wildlife Found
  45. 45. To watch video click on a picture
  46. 46. To watch video click on a picture
  47. 47. Thank you and…
  48. 48. Don’t forget to scan our code and read our Stories. We are bringing you cool stuff every week. Hurry, before the current one disappears ;) And for snapping, add us: GreyEntourage
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This presentation will briefly show you what is Snapchat, stats about users and how you can use it in business and marketing purposes. Also you will see best cases of Snapchat campaigns.


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