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geriatric ppt.
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Ayurveda for better Geriatric Care

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Glo Herbals is a GMP certified herbal products manufacturing unit based on ancient Indian life sciences.

Ayurveda for better Geriatric Care

  1. 1. AyurvedaFor BetterGeriatricCare
  2. 2. Geriatrics is medical sciencedealing with the problems of50+ yrs age group consistingeither sex. In India is slowlygaining grounds. Indian ancientLife sciences - Ayurveda ishaving this branch as‘Rasayana Chikitsa’ for ages.
  3. 3. Retired Life, responsibilitiescompleted, children, grandchildren time to relax & enjoy.Here body will not cooperate,fading eye sight & memory,joint pains, reduced appetite,gas trouble, indigestion,Changes in body worries many.
  4. 4. Ancient Ayurveda understoodthis in totally offering wholisticremedies emphasising onproper lifestyles. Ageing isinventible. It is in our hands tosee that the changes will nottransform to diseases,disorders and problems.
  5. 5. Elders get more problems ofVata. For this diminished Rasadhatu is responsible. Ayurvedaoffers best solutions as‘Rasayana Chikitsa’ as a specialbranch of Ayurveda. Helps in allVata problems like Pains,Constipation, Insomnia etc.
  6. 6. To understand Vata let us seethe fundamentals of Ayurveda.Body functions on 3Doshas,7Dhatus, 3Malas, Indriyas &Atma. Health is based on thebalance of these factors.Imbalance cause diseases &disorders.
  7. 7. Tri Doshas: Vata, Pitta & Kaphaare Tri Doshas human bodymade of 5 basic elements arefunctional based on Tri Doshas.Vata is ether, vayu connected.Pitta is fire connected. Kapha iswater & bhoomi connected.Vitiated doshas cause disease.
  8. 8. 7 Dhatus: Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa,Medas, Asthi, Majja & Sukra theyform body immune system.They fight diseases whendoshas are vitiated.3 Malas: Purisham, Mutram andSwedam they send out thetoxins formed in the body.
  9. 9. In oldage - Diminished Dhatusweaken body immunity. VitalRasa dhatu supports otherdhatus is reduced due toageing process. Thereforediseases/disorders increase inthe body. Tridoshas influencethe body as per the age.
  10. 10. •Birth to 12 yrs-Kapha Dominate•12-40 yrs- Pitta Dominate•40 yrs & above Vata DominateAyurveda says elderly mostlyget health problems due tovitiated Vata. Rasayana Chikitsaimproves Rasa Dhatu andcorrects vitiated doshas.
  11. 11. Treatment means not onlytaking medicine our dailyroutine called Dinacharya &seasonal activity Rutucharya isvery vital like lifestylescovering food, sleep, exercise,thought process etc. thetreatment is mainly 4 types.
  12. 12. Ajasrika Rasayanam: Thisprocedure has to be adoptedthroughout life to protect ourdhatus. One has to consumemilk, curd, ghee every day. Thiswill maintain dhatus andcontrol Tridoshas. This isexcellent in oldage problems.
  13. 13. Naimittika Rasayanam: Thisprocedure is adopted duringconvalescence after disease.We have to maintain the dhatusthat are imbalanced throughproper food and lifestyle. Itchanges from person to person.
  14. 14. Kamya Rasayanam: As per theneed it is specific to improve viz Longevity, Memory, Appetite.Achara Rasayanam: Due tostress we face many, dhyana are vital part ofthis. Kama, Krodha, Moha, Mada,Matsarya has to be controlled.
  15. 15. Apart from above specificayurvedic remedies areavailable for many oldageproblems offering very goodrelief without any side effectsmaking oldage pleasant andenjoyable.
  16. 16. Joint Pains: If Vata increasesAsthi dhatu diminishes causingjoint pains. Ayurveda offersSwarna khachita Mahayogaraj/Triodasanga Guggulu helps.Maha Raasanadi/DasamoolaKwadam. To improve dhatusAswagandha churnam/ ristam
  17. 17. For topical application KarpuraTailam with warm gingili oil hasto be massaged daily 2 timesmorning and evening. Consume10 gms ginger daily. TakeTriphala Churna in the night 5gms with 200 ml warm water for4-6 months.
  18. 18. Constipation: Root cause formany diseases. Reduced kapha,pitta causes constipation.Consume daily 4-5 Lts. Warmwater, eat more cooked veg. Takeraagi, jawar, bajra instead of rice.Take 5 gm Triphala churna withwarm glass of water before going
  19. 19. Good Memory: is possible ifKapha is balanced. Due to ageKapha is reduced causingmemory loss. For thisBrahmighrutam, Brahmilehyam,Sarasvataristam, Sankahpushpiand a glass of cow milk &Aswagandha help in oldage.
  20. 20. Dental Problems: Are more inold age. Clean teeth twice /daywith Triphala using finger. Thatwill strengthen gums & teeth.Gargle with Triphala kashaya.Irimedadi Tailam applied togums strengthen them andprevents gum bleeding.
  21. 21. Sleeplessness: Due to vitiatedvata. Sankhapushpi syrup,Aswagandha churnam with milkJatamamsi Kwadam induces verygood sleep. Brisk walking for12-15 min a day. Dinner at 7 PM &warm milk at 10 PM induces goodsleep. Sastreeya Tailabhyangana
  22. 22. Immuno Deficiency: Byimproving dhatus immunity isstrengthened. Chyavanprash,Vasanta Kusumakaram,Aswagandha, are very goodImmunomodulators. SastreeyaTailabhyangana 2 times/ weekimmuno-booster & Vajikaranam
  23. 23. Digestion: Reduces in oldage. Itis better to take sonthi/ vamu/miriyala podi & ghee daily withfirst morsel. Consume ginger,Dalchini tea with Tulsi leavesno sugar for good digestion.Observe weekly 24 hrsPhalopavaasa. Dinner before 7.
  24. 24. Hingvastaka Churna, Bhaskaralavanam Agnitundivati tablets,are good for digestion, Jeeraka/soamph kashaya are also goodappetizers. It is better to havevegetable soup with pepper 1 hrbefore food. Avoid water whiletaking food.
  25. 25. Reeling sensation: Is commonin Oldage due to vitiated Vataapart from impaired bloodcirculation due to reducedphysical activity and poorintake of fluids. VasantaKusumakaram, Chyavanprash,Aswagandha helps a lot.
  26. 26. Adopt Ayurveda attain wholistichealth to make your Oldage as Goldage
  27. 27. For more info Bellavistan MurthyWellness Consultant98480 13958
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Glo Herbals is a GMP certified herbal products manufacturing unit based on ancient Indian life sciences.


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