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Auto Cad Presentation


AutoCAD by Ninad Ghormade

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AutoCAD by Ninad Ghormade

  1. 1. An Study About “Auto CAD”(Computer Aided Drawing) ByNinad Babarao Ghormade Guided by M.S.Ingalkar Sir(Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering. Department)
  2. 2. SummarySeptember 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  3. 3. Introduction AutoCAD is a CAD software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting. It was developed and sold by Autodesk, Inc. First released in December 1982. Autodesk was founded in 1982 in USA by John walker. Some of its finest products are AutoCAD,3ds Max, Alias studio,Autodesk ECS Luster, MAYA and many more. September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  4. 4.  AutoCAD Is one of the basic software Now a days more advanced softwares like proE,catia,solid works etc are used in industry. AutoCAD basically used for 2-d modeling . The latest version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD-2013 and company is ready for its advanced version called AutoCAD- 2014 with some new added features.September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  5. 5. Applications of AutoCAD AutoCAD is generally used for digital drafting in an industry. We can make designs and layouts of our product with an ease. Produce professional drawings in the minimum time. AutoCAD is used mostly for 2-d designs. There are lot of other versions of AutoCAD which are used by not only by mechanical or civil engg but also by electrical engg. for there circuit diagrams. September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  6. 6. Introduction to AutoCAD interfaceSeptember 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  7. 7. Some basic facts and terms in Autocad …. Autocad is always written as AutoCAD There are many ways of doing the same thing in AutoCAD. The ISO standard size of the sheet is (420, 420 X 297mm. 290) The background on which we draw is known as GUI(Graphical User Interface). The pointer is known as crosshair. (0 The UCS stands for user co-ordinate ,0) system which shows the different x,y and z planes. September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  8. 8. SELECTION PANEL OF Auto CAD  When we move our cross here from left to right then BLUE area is formed and when we move it from right to the left then GREEN area is formed.September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  9. 9. X, Y Coordinate System Every object is located in relation to the origin. Positive and negative X axis Positive and negative Y axis September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  10. 10. How to enter commands By clicking Menu item By clicking Toolbar icon By typing in Command lineSeptember 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  11. 11. Commands used in autocad Circle :- draw circle options use Circle button on Draw Toolbar. Or by typing C in command prompt and then enter.September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  12. 12. Ellipse:  Draw > ellipse > center Home tab > draw panel > center  Type ELLIPSE and then enter in command prompt.September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  13. 13. Trim:- {TR enter} Trim command is used to delete the extended parts of An object.Extend:- {Ex enter} Extend command elongates an object to a boundary.Grid:- {By pressing f7 key} This is pattern of dots displayed on the screen to guide.Offset:- {offset/o enter} Offset an object(parallel) by a set distance. September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  14. 14. Mirror:-{Mi enter} It creates a mirror image of an object or selection set.Stretch:- {s enter} It stretches an object after you have selected a Portion of it.Fillet:- {f enter} Creates a round corner between the two lines Chamfer:- {cha enter} Creates an angled corner between two lines. September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  15. 15. Array:- {AR enter} Creates a repeating pattern of the selectedObject.Zoom:- {Z enter or with scrolling} Zoom command gives you zoomed version of an object.Revcloud:- {REV enter} A revision cloud is used to highlight something.Hatch:- {H enter} Hatch is used to make shaded portion, it represents The cross-sectional area of an object.September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  16. 16. Object snap:- {OS enter/f3} This is a method of snapping to certain, precise points On an object.Ortho mode:- {f8 key} September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  17. 17. Let’s took a quick view of 2D Drawing:-September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  18. 18. At last let’s take a quick view about , How convert 2D Object to 3D:- September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  19. 19. References http://www.sciencedaily.comSeptember 17, 2012 Auto CAD
  20. 20. September 17, 2012 Auto CAD
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