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Print screen of making my website



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Print screen of making my website

  1. 1. Print screen of making my website
  2. 2. When making a new page on Adobe Photoshop in order to create my website I had to change the width to 998 and height 560 so it is of a website size. It then looked like this:
  3. 3. I then needed to get my poster and all its layer onto my website page to do this I went select>>all this selects everything on my page As you can see all the layers are now selected and ready to get pasted onto my website page
  4. 4. I then went edit>copy and clicked on my website page and went edit>paste
  5. 5. It then looked like this I wanted to make my background black. In order to do this I clicked on my background layer and went to colour picker and made it black then clicked on the paint bucket tool and used this on the background Picking my colour Selecting my background layer Using the paint bucket tool
  6. 6. This is what it looked like I then moved my text around and added text and resized it just like I did for my poster using the text toolbar. This is what it looked like As you can see there is a sharp line between the image and the background which I didn’t like I added a blur to it so it looks like the image is fading my black
  7. 7. In order to do this I clicked on the brush tool and then at the top a brush toolbar appears where I can pick what type of brush I want and of what size Brush toolbar Select the brush you want. I picked the highest blurring the brush gave in order to blend my image in
  8. 8. I then created a new layer and dragged the layer all the way down but above my image and the red effect. I did this so when painting it doesn’t blur my text Dragging layer to where I want it
  9. 9. I then started painting around the edges only to give in that fade out look
  10. 10. When completing my painting it looked like this:
  11. 11. I then added social media buttons at the bottom and the final look was this