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Social Media Marketing Plan for Presentations

  1. 1. INCREASE YOUR PRESENTATION IMPACT WITH A ORGANIZE YOUR PRESENTATION PROMOTION WITH A SIMPLE, THREE-PHASE PROCESS. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLAN PHASE 1: PRE-PRESENTATION PHASE 2: DURING PRESENTATION CREATE A LANDING PAGE PUBLICIZE YOUR EVENT MAKE A HASHTAG Establish a place online where your audience can find all the information they need to know. Include forms on your landing page to collect names and contact detail for email campaigns. Share the link to your landing page on your social media accounts, kick off an email campaign for the event, and design easily shareable graphics. Create a unique hashtag for your presentation and encourage your audience to use it on thier social media accounts. PHASE 3: POST-PRESENTATION SHARE SLIDES ONLINE Post your entire presentation, or some slides from your presentation online. Email your presentation out to your audience members and share designed slides on your social media accounts. FOLLOW BACK YOUR NEW FOLLOWERS MAKE LISTS Remember that hashtag you created? Search for it online and follow back your new fans. Send them a message too, thanking them for attending your presentation. This social media marketing plan is an easy way to promote your presentation. Source: for-a-social-media-marketing-plan-for-presentations/ FOR MORE PRESENTATION TIPS, VISIT WWW.ETHOS3.COM/BLOG OR SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER.