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Snapchat for Business 2015

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How to use Snapchat and how media companies are using Snapchat as a tool for reaching a new audience in 2015. Includes interviews with The New York Times, Mashable and NPR. Also includes information on how the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication is using Snapchat.

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Snapchat for Business 2015

  1. 1. SnapchatChris Snider | Drake University | @chrissnider #drakesnapchat
  2. 2. What we will discuss • Why I love Snapchat • How to use Snapchat • Why college students use Snapchat • People to follow on Snapchat • How Drake SJMC is using Snapchat • How different media orgs 
 are using Snapchat
  3. 3. About CHris Snider • Assistant professor in the Drake University School of Journalism and Mass Communication • Teach classes in social media, web design and multimedia • Formerly digital editor of the Des Moines Register and editor of Juice Magazine • chrissnider24 on Snapchat
  4. 4. What about you? • How many of you use social media for work? • How many of you have a Snapchat account? • How many of you actively use Snapchat? • How many have never used Snapchat? • What are your opinions of Snapchat?
  5. 5. So why am i standing here in front of you talking about snapchat? So why am i standing here in front of you talking about snapchat?
  6. 6. 1. I started using it…
  7. 7. And i liked it. I really liked it. Here’s why…
  8. 8. • Messages are gone quickly, so you have to pay attention • It’s creative • It’s a fun storytelling tool • There’s no shortage of content (brands are there 
 and Discover feature is intriguing) • It hits the right audience… Snap by Shonduras
  9. 9. –Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) … Feb. 27, 2015 podcast “Where are people paying attention? … If you want to reach a 15- to 25-year-old in America, and you don’t realize that Snapchat has a disproportionate amount of the attention of that consumer, then you’re just not paying attention.”
  10. 10. – Shaun McBride (@Shonduras) … Feb. 27, 2015 podcast “(People) think it’s disappearing content, 
 so it’s not valuable. But what people don’t understand is that you have their attention 
 100 percent for those 10 seconds or however long. They are completely absorbing 
 your content for that time. If you’re looking on many other platforms, they are scrolling past quickly. And even though it will be there forever, they’ll never see it again.”
  11. 11. 2. It passes the Groundswell Technology Test (MOSTLY)…
  12. 12. Groundswell Technology Test 1. Does it enable people to connect with each other in new ways? YES 2. Is it effortless to sign up for? YES 3. Does it shift power from institutions to people? YES 4. Does the community generate enough content to sustain itself? YES 5. Is it an open platform that invites partnerships? NO!
  13. 13. ABOUT SNAPCHAT • Launched in Sept. 2011 (originally called Picaboo) • Developed by Stanford students Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown • Estimated 100 million active users as of Aug. 2014 • 70 percent of college students report posting once/day* • Spiegel said in 2013 that 70% of users were women** • Fastest growing social app of 2014 • Valued at $15 billion in March 2015 * 
  14. 14. HOW IT WORKS Source:
  15. 15. UPDATE!!!!
 and Kelsey Rooney
  19. 19. Survey of drake students 3 No’s were female; 5 male
  20. 20. Why you won’t like snapchat • No special tools for storytelling (have to create 
 in real time, and you have to create in the app) • (Some people create 
 elsewhere and take a photo) • Little/no analytics (not 
 even followers!) • It confuses new users • Lazy efforts don’t work - 
 you have to be creative
  21. 21. Third-party apps helped with some of the problems. But not anymore…
  22. 22. What analytics you DO see • Your followers as they come in (have to keep track) • How many people view each part or your story (so you know who started and who finished) • Snapchat usernames of those people • How many people take screenshots or each Snap • Snapchat usernames of those people • Anyone who responds to you
  23. 23. WHO to follow 
  24. 24. MLB Atlanta Braves – braves Arizona Diamondbacks – Dbacks Baltimore Orioles – Orioles Chicago White Sox – WhiteSox Cincinnati Reds – SnapReds Cleveland Indians – Indians Colorado Rockies – Rockies Detroit Tigers – Tigers Kansas City Royals – Royals Los Angeles Dodgers – DodgersMLB Miami Marlins – MarlinsMLB Milwaukee Brewers – brewers Minnesota Twins – Twins New York Mets – MrMet Oakland Athletics – Athletics Philadelphia Phillies – Phillies San Francisco Giants – SFGiantsMLB Seattle Mariners – Mariners Tampa Bay Rays – Rays Texas Rangers – RangersMLB
  25. 25. taco bell
  26. 26. shonduras
  28. 28. geeohsnap
  30. 30. Drake SJMC’s Experiment with snapchat
  31. 31. This is a story about a guy who runs his mouth too much…
  32. 32. That guy is me… I’ve been saying that Drake University needs to be on Snapchat. So I finally decided to put MY* 
 money where my mouth was. *It’s really their money
  33. 33. Results from 
 24 hours: Started viewing: 45 Finished viewing: 44 Responses: 1
  34. 34. OUR APPROACH • Have fun • Entirely meant to entertain students (at least for now) • Not promoting or selling anything • Post about twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) • Let 24+ hours expire before posting again • Focusing on growing our followers
  35. 35. Snapchat storytelling template Storytelling tools: photos, videos, drawing, text and emojis Native content on Snapchat: selfies, artistic masterpieces, ugly faces, pets, what I’m doing now We even created a template to help make sure we were using all of the Snapchat storytelling tools.
  36. 36. • Second story: 55 started, 54 finished • Third story: 65 started, 60 finished • Fourth story: 65 started, 63 finished • Fifth story: 68 started, 66 finished
  37. 37. We needed to create something to generate more buzz PROFESSOR UGLY SELFIE CONTEST
  38. 38. Results from 
 24 hours: Started viewing: 83 Finished viewing: 81 Votes: 13
  39. 39. So of course 
 we did it again…
  40. 40. Results from 
 24 hours: Started viewing: 103 Finished viewing: 100 Votes: 21 Some FB posts 
 don’t even reach 
 100 people
  41. 41. WHAT WE’ve LEARNED • Tell stories • Use all the tools (text, video, emojis, drawing) • Keep Snaps short (1-2 seconds can be OK) • You’ll get a lot of views while you’re still creating. Just roll with it, and don’t rush. • It’s OK to take Snaps of your screen. > • Include other people in your stories as a way to spread the word.
  42. 42. How NPR uses Snapchat • On Snapchat as nprnews • In a “very exploratory” phase. • They find an interesting article, then ask the reporter to share a fact in a 10-second video. • They post that video to their Snapchat Story. Source: Tajha Chappellet-Lanier
  43. 43. NPR’s Global Health and Development correspondent 
 Jason Beaubien talking about the measles immunization rate 
 in Tanzania
  44. 44. NPR: REsults • As of March 23, 2015 • Around 10,000 followers and 5,000 views per snap (they have 466k followers on Twitter) • Get a few screenshots, but more if reporter is attractive • Starting to receive incoming Snaps, and are trying 
 to encourage more
  45. 45. NRP: Lessons • To get interaction, give more interaction • Experimenting with being more interactive • Keep is simple if you have a small team
  46. 46. How THE NEW YORK TIMES USES • On Snapchat as thenytimes • “Unofficially” using since March 14, 2015 - only promoted through individual reporters’ social media • Using it the way they feel “stories” feature was meant to be used. Telling journalists to tell a story about what they are doing. • Raw stories from a first-person perspective Source: Talya Minsberg, social strategy editor
  47. 47. First Snapchat Story: video.php? v=10153169040999747&set =vb. 516764746&type=2&theater
  48. 48. NY Times results • No official launch, so no real numbers to share • Followers are into tech, so tech reporter covering Facebook’s F8 conference got positive feedback • Most interesting stories have been around events • Not requiring any reporters to use it; all voluntary
  49. 49. NY Times lessons • Stories should have a beginning, middle and end - so they encourage people to have an intro and a sign-off • The app itself is a disadvantage because it’s difficult to learn and tools are somewhat limited • Encouraging reporters to experiment with their own Snapchat accounts to be ready for what’s next • Interested to see how app evolves - will they get better tools for telling stories, better analytics?
  50. 50. How DAILY IOWAN USES • On Snapchat as 
 thedailyiowan • “We felt as a news 
 organization that it 
 would be another 
 different way to reach 
 out to the community.” • Started off showing behind-the-scenes info from the office. • Have since given login info to reporters covering events. Source: Jordyn Reiland, editor
  51. 51. DAILY IOWAN results • A little over 100 followers as of late March 2015 and 
 a story gets roughly 75 views in the 24-hour period. • Saw a large number of followers in a short amount of time at launch, but it has since slowed. 
  52. 52. DAILY IOWAN lessons • What they learned: Don’t be afraid to try new things. • They were hesitant at first, but glad they jumped in and tried a new way of storytelling.
  53. 53. How MEDIANOWSTL USES • Summer camp for high school journalists in St. Louis • On Snapchat as medianowstl • Using Snapchat to share info and build excitement for camp; see it as a great tool to use during camp • Did a fun series introducing all of the camp instructors Source: Aaron Manfull, workshop director
  54. 54. MEDIANOWSTL results • About 65 followers (725 on Twitter) • Get 40-something views per story • Camp is built around preparing students for the ever changing digital media landscape, so they are always trying new things and testing them out • FHNToday getting 130 views/story
  55. 55. MEDIANOWSTL lessons • Not a place to hard-sell your customers • Not a place for long stories • Tell a story; not a bunch of random snaps • It’s hard watching content they work hard on disappear
  56. 56. mashable on snapchat
  57. 57. Published Jan. 23, 2015
  58. 58. What they learned • Snapchat is a powerful tool for delivering visual stories • It drains batteries (15 full iPhone 5S charges for one day-long story) • Editing tools are limited, so they tried third-party apps. Snapchat has since shut out those apps.
  59. 59. What they learned • Embrace the strange intimacy of Snapchat videos • Never underestimate the power of a one- or two- second snap • Employ emoji whenever possible • If you put enough time and resources into it, you will get great mobile stories for your followers
  60. 60. Dasha Battelle ran the Snapchat account for Mashable 
 … Until she was hired away by Snapchat last week.
  61. 61. tips and tricks
  62. 62. Be interactive
  63. 63. USE AN IPAD
  65. 65. SHould you screenshot?
  66. 66. QUESTIONS? Follow Chris: @chrissnider
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How to use Snapchat and how media companies are using Snapchat as a tool for reaching a new audience in 2015. Includes interviews with The New York Times, Mashable and NPR. Also includes information on how the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication is using Snapchat.


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