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Rebaca DPI and PCRF Expertie Overview



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Rebaca has been providing development and deployment support related to PCRF, AAA Server, SPR, DPI, Policy Server, EMS/NMS (SNMP, TR069), Subscriber Management, Service Provisioning, Assurance and Monitoring and Providing customization services (Mediation, Portal Development). for Tier-1 Operator like Reliance, Maxis, Bakrie,Zain, Optus, Tigo etc.

The key expertise areas are:

Familiarity from Wireless network (GSM/CDMA/LTE) to Wireline Network : DSL, xDSL

Familiarity with AAA Server ,PCRF, SPR, DPI

Familiarity with PCRF Diameter Interfaces : Gx, Gy, Gx+, Sh, Rx, Gz, Ro, S9, Gxx

Interoperability testing with GGSN,PDSN, OCS , DPI Switches , Edge Routers

Policy Server deployment , Customer data Migration and Service activation

Customer Care and Self Care Portal development

SNMP and TR-69 based EMS.

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Rebaca DPI and PCRF Expertie Overview

  1. 1. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner DPI and PCRF Rebaca Technologies Expert Software Design & Test Services For Multimedia & Communications
  2. 2. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Rebaca Technologies : At a glance  Boutique software outsourcing company with offices in Kolkata, Bangalore, Santa Clara  Established in 1997  Key Focus areas  Video  STB, Mobile, Tablet, PC  Video Delivery, Streaming  Video and Communication Applications  Telecom  DPI  Policy Server  EMS/NMS  1300+ Man years of Multimedia and Communication Software development experience  IP Licensing in Embedded Multimedia and Video Applications  Experienced engineering talent and matured Agile development process  Service Offerings  Product Development  Sustenance engineering  Deployment and Customer support  Testing and Test Automation
  3. 3. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Some of our clients ….…
  4. 4. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Telecom Expertise  Telecom Protocols  RADIUS , Diameter : Gx, Gy, Gx+, Sh, Rx, Gz, Ro, S9, Gxx  DHCP, Cisco – PRPC, WISPr 2.0  SNMP, TR-69  Development  AAA Server, PCRF, SPR  Appliance based management system for DPI deployments  SNMP and TR-69 based EMS  SNMP Agent  Customer Care & Self Care  Billing and Operation Systems  Telecom Devices integration  Cisco – ISG/BRAS, SCE 2000/8000 Series, PDSN, GGSN, PCRF  Huawei PCEF, Procera , Allot, Arbor DPI  Reusable software component  SNMP based EMS for Fault, Configuration, Performance and Security management
  5. 5. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Sample Projects : Telecom  Sample Projects  Gx, Gy, Gxx, Gz/Rf, Sh, Sy Interface development  Custom API development for AAA and PCRF product  Interoperability Testing(Gx, Gy, Gy Proxy) with 3rd Party DPI/PCEF(Cisco, Allot, Starent, Huawei, Procera, Openwave Mobility mediation platform etc.)  Data Mediation systems, Subscriber Data Migration  Subscriber Captive Portals  Configuration portal front end for Video head end device  Configuration Management, Subscriber Management and reporting for DPI device  Customer care, Self- care portal  SNMP plug-in for advanced television signal and facility monitoring system  EMS for Wireless Data Compression Servers  Data collector development for variety of DSLAMs(NSN, ALU, Huawei, ZTE, Calix etc) for improving efficiency of DSL NW  Customization of Net-SNMP agent to support implementation of Private MIB for Wireless Data compression server  Deployment for Telcos and ISPs  Reliance, Maxis, Bakrie, Zain, Optus, Tigo, Bouygues, TEData, Hathway  BT , Bell Canada
  6. 6. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study 1: Development and Maintenance of Service Logic Software of Arbor e30 Platform  Project Overview:  Service Logic Software of e30 platform provides a central point for creating, managing, and delivering network services through the IP Service Control (IPSC) switches (DPI Platform)  Consists of Service Logic Engine(SLE) , Service Creation Manager (SCM), Reporting Server (Usage Reporting)
  7. 7. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Sample Projects for E-30  Four Rate Buckets to support Shared Rate Pools that represent the total bandwidth per Base Station.  SIP MGCP Realms Report.  Central Usage Reporting by fetching data from different usage databases.  Parallel Aggregation of usage files coming from different switches.  Real Time Quota Breach Notification for Bundles and Offers.  Aggregate the TAP record coming from multiple service bundles included in a TAP and generate one record per subscriber, per TAP.  Location Based Reports for mobile markets.  Rate Limit Scheduler to schedule automatic rate limit changes on offer and bundle rate pools based on time frame.  Deliver TAP Records in CSV File format to external mediation server.  SLE Audit Log Feature which log all administrative actions related to configuration changes.  External RADIUS Authentication – for authenticating all SLE user interfaces (SCM, JMX Console, and Reporting Server) via RADIUS server.  Improve SLE upgrade process at Customer place like patch creation for minor release, silent upgrade, roll back.  Configuration Merge for merging existing configuration data with objects in an XML file
  8. 8. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study 2: Development of Service Logic Software of Arbor e100 Platform  Project Overview:  Service Logic Software Appliance of e100 platform consists of eSeries Command Center(eCC) and eSeries Subscriber Center(“eSC”)  eCC includes three components: Configuration Manager (CM), Usage Manager (UM), and Report Manager (XM)  Enables user to configure e100s for viewing traffic, creating reports, and exporting CSV files for total usage and TAP records.  Rebaca is associated in the development of UM,XM and CM  Features Developed  UM SCP to Multiple Destinations to deliver usage files Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) with two IP addresses for redundancy.  CSV TAP File Format Enchantements for making the TAP CSV file format similar as SLE and to reflect e100 time zone instead of GMT.  eCC UM scale to 10 million subscribers.  eCC XM scale to at least 300 e100s.  eCC (XM, UM) on 64-bit OS  Improve Profile Flexibility to provide more flexibility in service and rate limit definition.
  9. 9. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Features developed for Usage and Report manager  Data Warehouse Reporting in XM to support reporting against an Oracle data warehouse where UM is aggregating usage files to store granular data.  Omit Unsolicited Downstream Usage to avoid charging subscribers for traffic that they did not request or generate.  SNMP trap implementation for device and process monitoring through XM.  eCC User Permissions for restricting access to web applications (CM, XM) based on user roles.
  10. 10. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study -1 : PCRF Product Development & Support  Diameter interface development & call flow implementation for BroadHop QNS(PCRF, SPR, OCS)  Gx, Gy, Gxx, Rf, Sd, Sh, Sy  WISPr server development(v1.0,2.0) with IBHK and PBHK support  Unified Subscriber Manager Portal UI development  Create Subs, adding service, sub account, credential, plugging with middleware APIs, find, edit etc.  QNS Plug-in development based on eclipse based OSGI framework  User defined features are added into this framework to enable QNS Policy server to interface with external systems.  Plug-in may be HTTP, SOAP,CORBA based depending on external system i/f  Developed Plug-in for Reliance IN system for Balance, TSTT Redknee API, Brighthouse SSO API, SHAW REST API for authentication, IBS User API for User Profile, SingTel Subscriber API for Provisioning  Interoperability Testing of BroadHop QNS Server with following PCEF vendors  Cisco ISG & IPSG, Allot DPI, Starent, Huawei, Procera, Opewave Mobility mediation platform
  11. 11. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study : 2 Customization support for BroadHop  Activities primarily involve subscriber migration, data mediation and portal development  Mediation component development for Optus  Periodic retrieval & processing of raw RDR & GGSN records.  Daily accumulation of the RDR usages into a single Daily record with usage calculation based on pre-defined rates.  Bill Period accumulation of the Daily accumulated records at the end of each Bill Period.  CDR generation every 30 min. from the RDR usages for every GGSN session  Broadband Service Portal development for BroadHop Policy Server deployment at Reliance  Interfacing with LDAP & TIBCO to manage the service subscription  Reporting solution for Maxis  Subscriber information, service plan, usage collection, accumulation and reporting for Policy Server solution  Migration of subscribers to a new generation PCRF enabled Policy server and subscriber management solution for Fixed/Mobile wireless broadband for Maxis  Similar such projects executed for operators like Shaw, Cablevision, Bakrie, STC, Zain, Cellcom etc.
  12. 12. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study 3: Customer Operations Support  Project Overview  Customer Operations partner for a leading Telecom software vendor for deployment in EMEA and APAC regions  Scope  Deployment architecture planning and design in consultation with end customer and integration partners like Cisco and Huawei by Rebaca Service architects  Implementation related to subscriber migration and portal development by Rebaca offshore engineers  Onsite deployment by Rebaca service engineer  Final sign off from end customer by service architect/service engineer  Sample End Customer  Tier-1,2 Telco operators and Optus, Singtel, Maxis, Reliance, Zain, Bakrie etc
  13. 13. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Thank You