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Accenture Tech Vision 2020 - Trend 1

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Accenture Tech Vision 2020 - Trend 1

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Accenture Tech Vision 2020 - Trend 1

  1. The I in ExperienceHelping people choose their own adventure Technology Vision 2020 | We, the Post-Digital People #TECHVISION2020
  2. Technology Vision 2020 | #TECHVISION2020 2 Can your enterprise survive the “tech-clash”? We, the Post-Digital People AI and Me Reimagine the business through human and AI collaboration The Dilemma of Smart Things Overcome the “beta burden” Robots in the Wild Growing the enterprise’s reach – and responsibility The I in Experience Helping people choose their own adventure Innovation DNA Create an engine for continuous innovation
  3. #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Vision 2020 | 3 Enterprisesarebecoming collaborativepartnersin experiencecreation, notjustprovidersofit. McDonald’s is rolling out digital ordering kiosks in its US drive-thrus, which feature personalized menus and recommendations for customers. But rather than prescribe the menu based on centralized data, employees are given the freedom to change menu displays, so they can promote simpler items during local peak hours, easing the burden on themselves and restaurant operations.
  4. #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Vision 2020 | 4 Thisisanimportantshiftas companiesincreasetheir personalizationefforts. Demand for personalization is high. In a survey by Adobe, 67% of consumers said it’s important for companies to customize content automatically based on a person’s current context. What’s more, 42% said that unpersonalized content annoys them. of consumers said it’s important for companies to customize content automatically based on a person’s current context. Abramovich, G (n.d.). Consumer Demand for Personalized Content Reaches All-Time High. Adobe.
  5. #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Vision 2020 | 5 But people have questions about the personalization methods businesses use. Recent security breaches and increased scrutiny have contributed to mistrust in data gathering practices and sinking attitudes toward black-box personalization. In RSA Security’s Data Privacy & Security Survey for 2019, only 17% of respondents said they thought personalized ads were ethical, and only 24% said personalizing newsfeeds is ethical. of respondents said they thought personalized ads were ethical 17% said personalizing newsfeeds is ethical 24% The Dark Side of Customer Data. (2019, February 6). RSA Security.
  6. Technology Vision 2020 | #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience 6 Enterprises are recognizing that overly-prescribed customization leaves users feeling out of control. Researchers at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center found that the personalized recommendation system of a popular video streaming platform was leading viewers to increasingly radical content, contributing to the rise of conspiracy theories and spread of misinformation. In response to this unintended consequence, the platform added new features explaining why viewers see certain recommendations and giving them more control over the experience.
  7. #TECHVISION2020 Technology Vision 2020 | The I in Experience 7 Leaders are turning to a new experience model that increases user participation– cooperative experiences. Dating app Tinder is increasing engagement by introducing customized experiences into their platform. But rather than collect more information and heighten behind-the-scenes customization, the company released an interactive series called “Swipe Night.” Users participated in the time-boxed experience, "swiping" to make choices and advance the plot, and could display those choices to start conversations with potential dates.
  8. #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Vision 2020 | 8 Somearebuildingnewways forcustomerstomakechoices andprovideguidelines. Steam Labs, a section of video game developer Valve, is experimenting with an interactive game recommendation system, where customers use sliders to provide guidelines and help the system generate recommendations in line with their current interests—like more indie games or newer releases. Uber is giving riders more control over the in-car experience. The company launched Uber Comfort, which features a slew of customer preference options, like quiet mode and temperature controls. #TECHVISION2020
  9. #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Vision 2020 | Looking ahead, emerging technologies like 5G and AR will enable ubiquitous experience customization. Consider how Huawei is using these technologies to change what people see as they navigate daily life. Their “Cyberverse” technology integrates augmented reality (AR) with physical reality, using spatial computing, 3D and ultra-high definition maps, ultra-realistic immersive rendering and 5G to build AR map overlays that users can view through their mobile devices. But as businesses' ability to provide customized experiences grows, so does the risk of overstepping customers' boundaries. 9
  10. #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Vision 2020 | 10 Technologies available today can help businesses transition to cooperative experiences. Turned external, no-code development platforms can help customers participate in app or experience customization. Amazon Sumerian, for instance, lets users build their own AR, VR or 3D applications without any programming or 3D graphics expertise. Anyone with Sumerian can build immersive environments and experiences, like classrooms or building tours, and can populate them with 3D objects and animated characters. #TECHVISION2020
  11. #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Vision 2020 | 11 While there is incredible value to be gained from curated experiences, businesses will only access it if they redesign their customization models to emphasize personal agency. Becoming a true partner to customers will be a defining aspect of future success.
  12. Technology Vision 2020 | #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience 12
  13. Technology Vision 2020 | #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience 13 To what extent does your business understand consumers’ trust (perceived or lack-thereof) in your business? ⎮ Consider the risks and benefits associated with the business growing its personalization strategy, and the methods used to generate those experiences. ⎮ Seek out opportunities to generate more customer feedback. Build a holistic understanding of how individuals experience your digital products or services today. Use these insights to inform your approach to designing future interactions. Decision Points
  14. Technology Vision 2020 | #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience 14 ⎮ Find points within your customer journeys where individuals may want more control over their experiences. These points are opportunities to give people using your digital products and services the agency that will drive long-term partnerships. ⎮ Identify and invest in the technologies that will enable your next wave of cooperative experiences. Scalability, immersion and participation will be key to sharing control and co-creating unique customer engagements. Does your current method for designing experiences lend itself to sharing control of experience design?
  15. Technology Vision 2020 | #TECHVISION2020The I in Experience 15 ⎮ Prepare the enterprise to address an increasingly regulated digital landscape. Review your current data collection and management practices to identify potential points of risk. ⎮ Ensure that your policies for consumer management of data are fully documented and made available to consumers and regulators. ⎮ Revise your data collection and storage strategies to support cooperative experiences while complying with regulation that requires consumer privacy. How is your company preparing for data regulation that impactscustomer experiences?
  16. Thank you #TECHVISION2020 Copyright © 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved.