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Intelligent Content in the Experience Age by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler



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In the Experience Age, consumers expect much more from brands than they have in the past. Once they’ve enjoyed an exceptional customer experience, they become intolerant of confusing, irrelevant, and inconsistent content. Brands that recognize this fact and deliver exceptional content experiences across all customer touchpoint will be rewarded with loyalty.

In order to deliver exceptional content experiences, savvy brands are taking a critical look at how they create, manage, and deliver content. And, what they’re finding is that the approaches they’ve relied on for decades can no longer meet current and future business needs.

Enter intelligent content. Content with superpowers. Content that is designed to dynamically adapt to meet customer needs. It’s content that is digital, data-driven, and dynamic. It’s digital in that it is designed and built for a connected world. It is data-driven in that can be connected to — and integrated with — enterprise data resources. And, it’s dynamic in that it can automatically respond to individual customer needs.

During this opening keynote presentation (originally delivered at the Intelligent Content Conference in San Francisco, March 2015), Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and co-founder of the Intelligent Content Conference will explore the need for intelligent content in the Experience Age. You’ll discover why our current processes are insufficient, and what some companies are doing to overcome traditional publishing roadblocks.

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Intelligent Content in the Experience Age by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler

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