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Smart Watch: a business model


Business Plan (course project)

The course project of Jonkoping International Business School students aiming to develop the business idea from the scratch to a complete business plan.

Business Plan (course project)

  2. 2. Agenda The Problem The Solution Business concept Management Team Goals Target Customers Competitors Market Plan Operations Plan Financial Analysis What’s next?
  3. 3. What’s The Problem? Problem!!
  4. 4. The Solution
  5. 5. UMBCLIP
  6. 6. The Business
  7. 7. Business Concept To provide umbrella users with a hands free solution that can make their daily tasks easier and more enjoyable during the rain or even during a very hot sunny day.
  8. 8. Management Team CEO Antonia Petrova Marketing Designer/Engineer Manager Khalid Obaid Muxia Chen Financial Supply Chan Management Management Yulia Kazakulova Shasha Yuan
  9. 9. GOALS Product Customer and Company Design, Supply Registration Production Network and Sale Development
  10. 10. Target Groups Cyclists Parents Spectators Seniors Golf Players Handicaps Children Shoppers
  11. 11. Market Analysis
  12. 12. Competitors DIRECT
  13. 13. SWOT Analysis Strength Weaknesses • Innovative and creative team with solid business • Insufficient Knowledge of Swedish market background and engineering skills. • Insufficient financial resources • Unique product design that is protectable • New product, thus will follow a Bathtub curve • First entry advantage from quality perspective • Professional support from Jonkoping University professors and Science park SWOT Opportunity Threat • No existing similar products in Swedish market • Many people prefer not using an umbrella (even • Swedish weather characteristics during spring and when they have one! ) autumn • Product concept may be imitated • Swedish economy and life style may generate • Existence of substitute products high demand. • Customer’s rejection.
  14. 14. Confrontation Matrix Conclusion to SWOT analysis Opportunities Threats Strengths Offensive Strategy Defensive Strategy S1,S2,S3&O1,O2,O3: The unique attributes of the S1,S2,S4&T3:The design and cost product can be used to participate in strength can be used to defend against the opportunity of first entry of the market and the threat from existing substitute attracting customers products Weakness Strengthening Strategy Withdrawal Strategy W2&O1: Insufficient financial resource is a W1, W2, W3, W4 & T1, T4: Sell the weakness to do promotion activities, but since copyright and negotiate with a potential there is no similar product existing yet, it seems partner to cover the loss. positive to persuade distributors take care of the promotion.
  15. 15. Operations
  16. 16. Marketing-Mix Strategies Product Price Place Promotion • Differentiation • Premium • Student House • Authorized • Innovation Pricing (JSA) distributors • IKEA • ICA • Stadium • Team Sport • Inter Sport
  17. 17. Partnerships Chinese US Swedish Manufacturers •New Product R&D distributors •Produce and •Market Research •Product sales to End Customers package according •Management end customers to specification requirements
  18. 18. Operation Operation Our firm and Our Firm distributors HR R&D Build and maintain Feedback relationship Inventory Control Fund Operation Emergency Plans Our firm and Manufacturers Quality Control Stable Relation
  19. 19. Financial Analysis
  20. 20. Three Years Profit Projection 2011 2012 2013 1 Container per year 2 Containers per year 3 Containers per year SEK % SEK % SEK % Sales 4950000 100.00% 9900000 100% 14850000 100% Cost/Goods sold (COGS) 1296000 26.18% 2592000 26.18% 3888000 26.18% Gross Profit 3654000 73.82% 7308000 73.82% 10962000 73.82% Total Expenses 3377660 68.24% 6329920 63.94% 8715180 58.69% Other expenses (Return 1380000 27.88% 2646000 26.73% 3942000 26.55% to investor) Other expenses (10% Return fund to investor- 138000 2.79% 264600 2.67% 394200 2.65% Production & Delivery cost, Storage) Net Profit After Tax 276340 978080 2246820
  21. 21. Three Years Profit Projection Cont..
  22. 22. What’s Next? Designing The Prototype Financing From ALMI • We can get help from the • If Possible, otherwise we industrial design will look for substitutes department at JTH Prototype Production + Detailed Business Plan • We can approach a Swedish company for the production with the help of ALMI Pilot sale negotiations Registration of KARAMBA accessories as a partnership • A small party later Negotiating Further External Financing Negotiations with distributors • Adapting the design to meet distributor Customer Feedback criteria Sales control and • ICA, IKEA, and other accessories and further product bike shops development
  23. 23. Contributors Antonia Petrova Main Content Muxia Chen Market analysis Yulia Kazakulova Finances Shasha Yuan Khalid Obaid Design Operations Graphics and Thank You!
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The course project of Jonkoping International Business School students aiming to develop the business idea from the scratch to a complete business plan.


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