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Wwe Biological unit processes



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Biological unit processes

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Wwe Biological unit processes

  1. 1. Biological unit processes: Biological unit process makes use of microbes for removal of mainly dissolved organic matter from the wastewater  The biological unit processes are mainly two types i. Aerobic biological unit process i. Anaerobic biological unit process
  2. 2. 1. Aerobic biological unit process:The treatment which is carried out by microorganism in the presence of oxygen. 2. Anaerobic biological unit process :The treatment which is carried out by aerobes in the absence of oxygen.
  3. 3. Aerobic processesi. Activated sludge process ii. Trickling filters iii. Aerobic stabilisation ponds iv. Aerated lagoons
  4. 4. Anaerobic processes Anaerobic waste treatment involves the decomposition of organic/inorganic matter in absence of molecular oxygen. These are: i. Anaerobic sludge digestion ii. Anaerobic contact processes iii. Anaerobic filters iv. Anaerobic lagoons or ponds
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