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Types of isolated footing and design



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isolated footing and design

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Types of isolated footing and design

  1. 1. Definition:  Footings are structural members used to support columns and walls and to transmit and distribute their loads to the soil in such a way that the load bearing capacity of the soil is not exceeded, excessive settlement, rotation are prevented and adequate safety against overturning or sliding is maintained.
  2. 2.  Types of isolated column Footing 1. Pad footing 2. Sloped footing
  3. 3.  Steps for Design of isolated footing 1. Size of footing 2. Net upward Pressure 3. Bending Moment 4. Depth of footing 5. Reinforcement 6. Check for one-way shear 7. Check for two-way shear 8. Check for development Length 9. Load transfer for column to footing
  4. 4. Example:  Design an isolated square footing for a square column 400mm*400mm for axial load of 800kn.Use concrete grade M-20 and Fe-250 steel grade. Take safe bearing capacity of soil 120kn/m².Check for shear is not required. Also draw neat sketch showing sectional elevation and plan.
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