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Defining Target Audience

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Defining Target Audience

  1. 1. Sarah Omoraka Defining your Target Audience
  2. 2. Defining Your Target Audience Age: My Target audience will be from 16-24, which is the target age for my documentary. At this age most teenagers are learning how to drive or will eventually drive that’s why my documentary will be beneficial for them as they pick them things that they need to know. Gender: Male and Female 50/50 which my target audience will be made up of. Both Genders drive or are learning how to drive, so there should no problems relating this to my documentary as I would both female and male involved . Location: Is the area/ town where my audience based. My documentary will be based in Britain (UK) So this will be aiming at people who live the UK as well as the fact that there have been some terrible road accidents that have happened in Britain
  3. 3. Defining Your Target Audience Hobbies: Will be the things that my audience would like to do in their spare time. I will make sure that my documentary features t hobbies like fixing cars, going out with friends in relation to my target audience. Additionally there would be some content were teenagers are actually going out but it turns tragedy so that I appeal to my audience Interests: Is what my target audience are interested in e.g. Music, Basketball, Shopping and etc.. I will relate to my target audience by including features of people fixing cars and listening to music cars as well as teenagers are going out to a pub or to the cinema Socio-economic group: My target audience will be made up of different statuses due to the age range . For my documentary I will include a range of people with different statuses e.g. Students, Businessman, Teacher, Doctor and etc. Hopefully having these people will relate to my audience’s occupation
  4. 4. Defining Your Target Audience Domestic Circumstances- Will be my target audiences home situation e.g. who do you live with, how many people you live with and etc. I will use make sure that my documentary includes people who live with their parents as well as siblings who drive. But also include individuals who live on campuses who might own a car too so that I am covering different circumstances. Education- Is my target audience’s experience that has had a formative effect on their mind e.g. School. I will make sure that my documentary has a range of individuals with different levels of Education e.g. A Doctor with a Degree. Spending Power- Is how much target audience able to spend due to their income. Most students would like to buy a car and this would be included in documentary as I want it to relate to my audience . Addition to that I will also include the fact that some students still depend on their parents for money for transport.
  5. 5. Defining Your Target Audience Political Views- Is he issues that my target audience may feel strongly about e.g. Road Safety – thinking the government is not doing enough. I will make sure that I do include some of political views of Teenage Driving as well as getting people who are involved in the politics. I will give extra information such as facts and figures so that my audience can learn something from my documentary. Ethnicity-Is the different background cultures or race that audience may be e.g. White, Black and Asian. I will make sure that my documentary features people of different backgrounds so that I appeal to whole of my audience Religion- Is the different beliefs that target audience have in a religion e.g. Christians believe in God and what the bible says. I will make sure that my documentary will have voxpox which will show different individuals who believe in different things like my audience.
  6. 6. Current Media Consumption Current Media Consumption- Is the current media that target are attracted to as well as catch up on e.g. Magazines – Closer or TV- Sky News. I will make sure that my documentary is referring to some type of media consumption so that I am able to appeal to my Target Audience. Especially those who are interested in magazines, news (TV) and etc.


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