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The State of the Connected Patient in 2015
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Future of Marketing Singapore Keynote Deck

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Future of Marketing Singapore Keynote Deck

  1. 1. Lee Hawksley SVP Marketing Cloud JAPAC Future of Marketing Singapore Now, any journey is possible
  2. 2. 1.1M+Service Hours 1%
 Time $100M+Grants 1%
 Equity 26K+Nonprofit Organisations1%
 New Philanthropic Model 1-1-1 Model $250M Donated Product
  3. 3. The Rise of the Connected Customer Social: always-on engagement Mobile: apps for everything Cloud: real-time access Data Science: 1:1 interactions Redefining customer engagement
  4. 4. The Customer Success Platform Succeed with your customers on every step of the customer success journey Ignite SP’sSIsCSMs ISVs Open Ecosystem People Complete CRM Apps Multitenant Cloud Platform Customer
  5. 5. The Customer Success Platform Sales Service Marketing Apps Analytics Community
  6. 6. Sales Service Marketing Apps Analytics Community The Blurring Lines of CRM
  7. 7. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  8. 8. The Future is All About the Customer Journey Connected experiences not commoditisation Price Product Customer Experience #1“Customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator” Customer2020
  9. 9. 57% Shift1
 Self-guidedcustomer learning Shift2
 Consultantandprocurement–led purchasing Shift3
 Goodenoughpurchasing Learn Define needs Assets Options Make decisions Result: The “1 of 3 Problem” CEB–TheChallengerSale B2B Buyers are Connected Pressure on Sellers
  10. 10. Its About Helping Not Just Selling Next Generation Internet Platforms are Experience Lead
  11. 11. Raja Jesrina Arshad Founder & CEO
  12. 12. PurelyB Rethinks the Health Journey Drives relevance through personalisation Inspire, connect and support customers on their personal health journeys Based on individual definitions of healthy Using a wide variety of content Products from a digital marketplace
  13. 13. Providing Genuine Brand Utility Putting the customer in the content Create Your Taste Get The Look Race Your Car Complete Your Room
  14. 14. Engage at Every Step of the Customer Success Journey Customer
 Success Apps Service CommunityAds Web Email Mobile Social Group Messaging Sales
  15. 15. Acquisition Awareness Onboarding Engagement Advocacy The Customer Success Journey Customer
  16. 16. Scott Doughty RVP Asia
  17. 17. Increase Awareness with Personalised Advertising Mass, impersonal media Personalised media at scaleCustomer
  18. 18. The Journey Starts Mobile Print Radio TV Internet Mobile 4% 18% 11% 11% 37% 41% 24% 23% 24% 8% 25B+Opportunity in USA Time Spent Ad Spent Mobile
  19. 19. Digital Advertising at McDonald’s Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Ad Platform Reach real people across devices and networks from one platform Easily create and test highly personalized and localized ads Automate and optimize campaigns to ensure maximum ROI
  20. 20. Facebook & Twitter Ads
 Securely reach real audiences across devices Integrated with Journey Builder
 1:1 interactions across devices Introducing: Active Audiences Trigger ads based on your CRM data Display Ad Networks
 Take your audiences anywhere
  21. 21. Derek Laney Head of Product Marketing, Asia Pacific
  22. 22. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  23. 23. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  24. 24. L’Oreal Film
  25. 25. Beauty Advisor Reimagined Makeup Genius is a Beauty Advisor in Your Pocket
  26. 26. Beauty Advisor Reimagined Makeup Genius is a Beauty Advisor in Your Pocket
  27. 27. Customer Journey ShareOnboardAcquire Engage Try & Buy Push notification Real time try & buy Content updateInstall
  28. 28. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  29. 29. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  30. 30. Onboard Customers with 1:1 Journeys Offline onboarding of anonymous users Automated, online & mobile onboarding of known users Customer
  31. 31. Systems of Record CustomerSuccessJourney
  32. 32. Journey Builder: 1:1 Customer Journeys at Mattel Powering connected experiences with mobile Map the shopper and user journey Drive mobile app downloads Connect physical toy to digital experience Drive adoption and use of toys
  33. 33. Introducing: Next Generation Mobile Blend the physical and digital world Mobile Engagement SDK
 Create connected customer experiences SMS and MMS
 Manage urgent and personalized messages Group Messaging
 Connect on platforms like LINE and WeChat
  34. 34. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  35. 35. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  36. 36. Engage Customers on Their Journey Disconnected marketing experiences Holistic customer relationship Customer
  37. 37. Lucy Brindley Mobile Specialist, Asia Pacific
  38. 38. Systems of Record CustomerSuccessJourney
  39. 39. Predictive Intelligence: Personalization at Room & Board “Complete your room” journey Web Tagging
 Track anonymous and known web browsing behavior Predictive Algorithms
 Personalize product recommendations Native Content Blocks
 Drag and drop predictive content in Editor
  40. 40. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  41. 41. Jess Whittaker Salesforce Marketing Cloud Ryan O’Donnell Head of Digital & eCommerce
  42. 42. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  43. 43. Systems of Record CustomerSuccessJourney
  44. 44. Social Studio: Social Marketing Turn every customer into an advocate Start discussions with published content Listen to all brand and product mentions Participate in every relevant conversation Solve customer service issues

  45. 45. Introducing: Next Generation Social Studio Connect your social interactions to CRM Social Studio Analyze
 Brand and customer insights for every marketer Visual Web Coverage
 Facebook Video, Instagram, and YouTube Social Cases in Journey Builder
 Incorporate social care interactions into the customer journey
  46. 46. The Customer Success Journey Customer
  47. 47. Now, any journey is possible.
  48. 48. First telco to launch 4G nationwide 
 across Indonesia 30 agents offering 24/7 social customer service Previously used excel and native social apps to manage social customer service Pilot Service Cloud implementation with vision to roll-out to all Customer Services. Social channels include Facebook, Twitter, Email and Live Agent channels. The first Salesforce Social Customer Service in Asia: Success! Within the first 24 hours after go-live the social customer service response time went from 1 hour to less than 14 minutes!
  49. 49. We Want to Know You More! #MCFOM15 PrizeSocial Media
  50. 50. We Want to Know You More! Survey Card Gift Bag
  51. 51. Thank you
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