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Supervision in Nursing and Health care Professionals

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  1. 1. Dr. Rahul B. Pandit Faculty of Nursing Sassoon General Hospital, Pune
  2. 2. Concept The word Supervision derived from two word Super + Vision (See) It means ‘Overseeing’ Supervision means overseeing the employee at work. Supervision is the act of watching a person or activity and making certain that everything is done correctly, safely.
  3. 3. Definition Supervision is defined as the authoritative direction of the work of ones subordinates. Supervision is a kind of teaching which involves, advising, helping, inspiring leading and liberating. - Jean Barrett
  4. 4. The major factors of the supervisor’s work and equipments are as follows: • Technical, i.e. familiarity with the know how of the work to be supervised. • Institutional i.e., familiarity with the policies and procedures governing the work to be supervised. • Human i.e., ability to deal tactfully with the worker under supervision. Definition
  5. 5.  Supervision earlier conceived as Inspecting and finding fault.  Supervision is much more than inspection  Now the modern concept of supervision is to guide and help the subordinates in their work by training, educating, guiding and counseling.  Supervision includes inspecting another work, evaluating his/her performance and approving / correcting performance. Nature of Supervision
  6. 6. Types Generally there are two types of supervision Direct Supervision Indirect Supervision
  7. 7. Direct Supervision Face to face with worker Important point to be remembered while direct supervision  Do not loose temper  Use democratic approach  Give chance to worker to reply  Do not talk too much or fast  Be human  Do not give instruction haphazard way
  8. 8. Indirect Supervision With help of record and report of worker Ensure every worker is carrying out allotted work as per plan Analyze monthly progress report of worker. Providing support and guidance to all worker Ensure that worker is utilizing full capacity in job.
  9. 9. Purpose of Supervision Inspect Evaluate Correct / Improve Performance of worker
  10. 10. Objectives of Supervision Help the staff to do their job skillfully and effectively. Help staff to develop the individual capacity. Assist staff in meeting predetermined work objectives. Help to promote cost effectiveness
  11. 11. Objectives of Supervision Help to motivate subordinates. Help member to identify problem and solve them. Help to develop team spirit and promote team work. Help to improve attitude of the member towards work.
  12. 12. Supervision Criteria Following performance elements should be appraised Quality of work output Quantity of work output Time use Utilization f resources Assistance to co – worker Suggestions to administrator / Co – worker.
  13. 13. Factors of effective supervision Human relation skill Technical and managerial knowledge Leadership position Improve upward relation Relief from non supervisory duty General and loose supervision
  14. 14. Function of Supervision Orientation of newly posted staff Assessment of workload Assess need of supplies and equipment Co-ordination with worker Evaluation of worker Helping individual to cope with problem Facilitate flow of communication Raise the level of motivation Establish control and confidence Record Keeping
  15. 15. Principles of Supervision  Supervision should not be overburdened to any individual or group.  Supervision causing unreasonable pressure for achievements results in low performance and low confidence in the supervisor.  Supervise diagnosis do not overestimate his understanding and memory.  Human behavior with due consideration to human weaknesses. This should be kept in minds of supervisors.
  16. 16. Principles of Supervision  Supervisors should create atmosphere of cordially and mutual trust.  Supervision should be planned and adopted to the changing conditions. It calls for good planned and organization.  Supervisor must possess sound professional knowledge.  Supervision to be exercised without giving the subordinate a sense that they are being supervised.  Supervision strives to make the unit a good learning situation. It should be a teaching-learning process.
  17. 17. Principles of Supervision  Supervision should foster the ability of each staff member to think and act for herself/himself.  Supervision should encourages worker’s participation in decision making.  Supervision needs good communication.  Supervision should have strength to influence downwards depends on capacity to influence upwards.  Supervision is a process of cooperation and coordination.  Supervision should create suitable climate for productive work.
  18. 18. Principles of Supervision  Supervision should give autonomy to workers depending from personality, competence and characteristics.  Supervision should respect the personality of the staff.  Supervision should stimulate the workers/staff ambitions to grow in effectiveness.  Supervision should focus on continued stag growth and development.  Supervision is responsible for checking and guidance.  Good leadership is part of good supervision.
  19. 19. Methods of Supervision Technical Vs Creative Supervision Co - operative Vs Authoritarian supervision Scientific Vs Intuitive Supervision
  20. 20. Technique of Supervision Individual and group conference Anecdotal record Supervision of nursing procedure Reassurance Incidental teaching Observation (Check List) and rating scale Written Policies
  21. 21. Qualities of supervisor Aware to rule & regulation and situation Thoroughness Fairness Initiative Enthusiasm Emotional control Personal qualification Good judgment Sympathetic
  22. 22. Qualities of supervisor Intelligence Teaching ability General outlook Skill, knowledge and attitude required for supervision Interpersonal & professional skills Professional and technical knowledge Attitude
  23. 23. Duties of supervisor Understand the duties and responsibilities of his own position. Plan the execution of work Divide the work among subordinates and direct and assist them. Improve his own knowledge as technical expert and leader. Improve his work method. Train the personnel
  24. 24. Duties of supervisor Evaluate the performance of employee. Correct the mistakes and solve the problem of employee. Develop discipline among employee Keep subordinate informed about policies and procedure of the organization. Cooperate the colleagues. Deal with employees suggestions and complaints.
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Supervision in Nursing and Health care Professionals


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