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Star tuned magazine june 2008
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Star tuned magazine may 2010

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Star tuned magazine may 2010

  1. 1. ^ T A R T l IMPH tdent Mercedes-Benz Service Professional May 2010 U.S. $6.00 €9.00 Volume 10 Number I IN THIS ISSUE: 2 FORMULA FRICTION Savings on fixing brakes right! 6 W H E N WELDING W O N T D O . . . Maintaining the right standards IOARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE .HE r ."HE IN f*O^NAJTJ€)J^J AGB for you Mercedes-Benz
  2. 2. T O O U R READERS:Welcome to StarTuned, the magazine for independent service Group Publisher Contributing Editortechnicians working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Your Christopher M. Ayers, Jr. Tom Nash tnash@automotivedatamedia.comMercedes-Benz dealer sponsors StarTuned and provides theinformation coming your way in each issue. Editorial Director MBUSA Technical Content AdvisorMercedes-Benz wants to present the information you need to Bob Freudenberger Donald Rotoloknow to diagnose and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles accurately, Donald.Rotolo@mbusa.comquickly and the first time; text, graphics, on-line and other Contributing Editor MBUSA Project Managertechnical sources combine to make this possible. Chip Keen Andrew WebbFeature articles, derived from approved company sources, Andrew.Webb@mbusa.comfocus on being useful and interesting.Our digest of technical information can help you solve Contributing Editor Art Director & Circulation Mgr.unanticipated problems quickly and expertly. Kerry Jonsson Christopher M. Ayers IIIWe want StarTuned to be both helpful and informative, so ayersc3@automotivedatamedia.complease let us know just what kinds of features and otherdiagnostic services youd like to see in it. Well continue tobring you selected service bulletins from Mercedes-Benz and Visit us at our websitearticles covering the different systems on these vehicles. w w w . M B W h o l e s a l e P a r t s . c o m to view this issueSend your suggestions, questions or comments to us at:StarTuned and all past issues of StarTuned, along with a wealth ofOne Mercedes Drive information on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.Montvale, New Jersey 07645Phone: 1 800 225 6262, ext. 7112 To locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you,e-mail: go to is a publication of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC ("MBUSA"). No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of MBUSA. Editorialand Circulation Offices: 486 Pinecrest Rd., Springfield, PA 19064. Caution: Vehicle servicing performed by untrained persons could result in serious injury to those persons orothers. Information contained in this magazine is intended for use by trained, professional auto repair technicians ONLY. This information is provided to inform these techniciansof conditions which may occur in some vehicles or to provide information which could assist them in proper servicing of these vehicles. Properly trained technicians have theequipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to perform repairs correctly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that a topic covered in these pagesautomatically applies to your vehicle or that your vehicle has that condition. StarTuned is a registered trademark of MBUSA. Broadway Car Wash Equipment Company Some of Our Nationwide Mercedes-Benz Partners: Partners with the Autohaus Concept! New Country Motors Hartford, CT / SPACE EFFICIENT Different models to fit almost any space Scholfield Motors Wichita, KS S QUALITY WASHING Thirty years of proven history Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown • QUICKER RESULTS Saint James, NY Complete wash in 2 minutes or less W.I. Simonson Mercedes • EASY TO USE OPERATION Santa Monica, CA Simple operation increases efficiency S LASTING DURABILITY Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio Aluminum frame provides durability San Antonio, TX Skoadcvay S^cUfrmewt (Zomfuzety • 1 - 8 0 0 - 9 7 6 - W A S H • w w w . b r o a d w a y e q u i p m e n t . c o m
  3. 3. rmul ri TM j | MWeVe a// been performing brake jobs for as long as weve beentechnicians.Weve heard all of the typical complaints in the aftfomath: "The brake dust!," "Its vibrating when I brake!" and, finally, "That squeal!" pr-Lets look at the savings that accrue if we do it right the first ti •"We all perform brake jobs. Most of them go Above: First determine if you are dealing with the SBCflawlessly - no complaints from the customer system. If you are, disable it.Then, you can start all. Some do not go so well. We may have the These are heavy calipers, so suspend them so that theres no stress on the brake hose, line, or lining sensor wires.vehicle in and on a lift once or twice more to takecare of one problem or another. The time wasted so you can still maintain the same profit marginsin putting the vehicle on and off the lift either cuts as you would with aftermarket "equivalents." Also,into the profits of this job, or the next one. Take a a brake job is more than just cutting or replacingminute to calculate the time lost on a single brake rotors and slapping on a set of new pads. Lets do ajob comeback. Lets say you do one brake job a quick review of some overlooked on average. For a five-day work week, thatcomes out to about 20 brake jobs a month. If 25% Fact of lifeof them come back, and you only spend 30 minutes rectifying each one, thats a loss of 2.5 hours a —Its very common for customers to complain month, and, more than that, you may have some about accumulations of dust on their beautiful unhappy customers. alloy wheels. Unfortunately, theres no real remedy, but explaining the truth about friction materialj H o w can you avoid this wasted time? Youll get formulas will help keep your patrons happy with yourall sorts of advice on how to install wheel shields, work. That is, brake pads are made according to acutting the rotors, and insulating the pads, but you proprietary "recipe" that gives the best combinationshould realize you may only be masking a problem of stopping performance, durability, silent operation,that can resurface in anywhere from a month to a and avoidance of dust generation. In the case offew months. The time invested in doing the job right Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, these characteristicsonce represents substantial savings for both you are very carefully engineered and tested, even toand your customer. What causes brake dust? What the point of the formulas being model-specific. So,creates a braking vibration? What makes the brakes to make pads that wont produce dust would requiresqueal like that? If you can answer these questions, sacrifices in other, more important areas. You alsoyou can prevent these costly mistakes. might want to recommend that they apply car wax to their wheels, which will keep the dust from sticking -Most often, your demanding Mercedes-Benz - j u s t a quick rinse with a hose will wash it off.owners are willing to invest in better quality parts, Mercedes-Benz May 2010 3
  4. 4. FORMULA FRICTIONProcedures— If theres a problem that needs to be diagnosed,its always best to do a road test, with thecustomer if possible, to feel and isolate thecomplaint. If it is a straightforward brake job,you should start with a visual inspection. Allof the wheels should come off of the affectedaxle. If the pads are to be replaced, then theyshould be removed, and each pads thicknessshould be looked at. This will tell you if there are Look at the surfaces where the pads slide in the caliper.any sticking pads or pistons that may require These areas need to be free of brake dust and corrosion tospecial attention. Before any disassembly takes allow the pads to slide back and forth. If the surfaces areplace, find out if the vehicle has SBC brakes. clean, you should not need any lubricant.This system applies the brakes when the door isopened. If it were to be activated while the brakesare disassembled, it could be a disaster. Forprocedures on how to disable the system, refer Once youve determinedthat the brake pads must be replaced, you needto look at the brake rotors. The finish should beperfectly smooth to properly "seat" or "bed in"the new pads. If a rotor has grooves, it will haveto be resurfaced, or replaced.—There are many rotor resurfacing machinesthat do a good job, but what will the thicknessof the rotor be afterwards? Will it be down to the The OEM pads provided by your Mercedes-Benz dealerspecified throw-away thickness? Even if its not have chamfered friction material to help avoid brake noise.quite, the thinner rotor will naturally be more prone The shim on the back reduces brake pad vibration, which isto warpage and thickness variation. Also, the brake what causes squeal.rotor run-out will need to be measured. If the rotoris warped, even more material will need to beremoved to straighten it. This may require multiplecuts. Fast cuts will get you through the process inless time, but you will need to do at least one slowcut to create a fine surface for the new brake pads.These multiple cuts will add to the labor time.—A more cost-effective solution may be newrotors. In fact, rotor replacement has becomethe preferred choice, especially among first-classshops that specialize in Mercedes-Benz. As oneservice manager tells ST, "Weve thrown away ourbrake lathe." While ordering brake pads and rotors, dont forget the—Of course, in order to remove the rotor you will brake pad wear sensors. You should replace them even ifneed to unbolt and lift off the caliper. Always make the old ones are not worn out. Be careful not to route the wires so that they bear against any moving parts.4 StarTuned
  5. 5. sure to suspend the caliper from a suspension two years as Mercedes-Benz recommends, then youcomponent to keep the stress off the brake hose do not have to open the system. Try to inform yourand lining sensor wires. Usually a securing bolt customers that brake fluid is hydroscopic, whichholds the rotor in place. Also, you may want to order means it absorbs moisture over time. With thosenew caliper mounting bolts in case the originals are customers whose brake linings last only a year or sodamaged during removal. because of heavy use, a flush should be performed every other brake job. Besides moisture, flushingBefore Reassembly the system removes most other contaminants that••Clean components work best. You do not want may cause components to stick. While youre at thebrake dust and road debris interfering with pad dealers parts department picking up the pads andmovement. In a Mercedes-Benz brake job, you will rotors, dont forget to order OEM brake fluid and thebe dealing with either a single- or dual-sided piston other parts mentioned above.caliper. With the dual-sided type, you should cleanthe surfaces where the pads slide. This will prevent Reassemblyuneven wear and unusual pedal feel. Scrub with a ---When installing the new pads, always put thewire brush and wash with brake cleaner. Do not use wear sensor in the inside pad. This is usually thecompressed air as brake dust may be inhaled and first pad to receive pressure. When bolting on eithercreate a health hazard. On single-piston calipers, the caliper, or the mount to the spindle, use ansteel springs fit into the caliper mounting bracket. approved thread locking compound and torque theYou will still need to clean these surfaces, and you bolts to specifications. After connecting the brakeshould replace the pad springs. New ones will apply pad wear sensor, you can install the wheel. Tightenthe proper amount of tension to the pads, thus the lug bolts to specifications with a torque wrench.reducing the chances of brake squeal. You should If you hammer them on with an air gun, there isalso clean and lubricate the caliper guide pins. Do a chance you will over-tighten them and warp thenot use anti-seize compound because it accelerates rotor. While the vehicle is on the ground, apply thewear. Synthetic brake grease will allow the caliper to brakes repeatedly until the pedal is firm. It is now"float" and apply even braking pressure. safe to go on a road test to check your work. If the SBC systems was disabled it will need to be enabled "Clean out as much dust as you can from the before your road test.caliper dust seals without damaging them. The goalis to have all the components moving freely. Youcan now force the pistons back into the calipers. In ConclusionThere has always been some debate as to whether -Waiting for parts can slow down production. Aor not the bleeder screws should be opened while one-step order from your Mercedes-Benz dealerdoing this. The straightforward answer is that it will save you time and increase your profits.depends. If the brake fluid is being replaced every A single order of genuine original equipment brake pads, rotors, securing bolts, retaining springs, wear sensors, and brake fluid allows your independent repair shop to provide OEM-level service. Remember, a soft brake friction material will reduce squeal, but wears relatively fast and may create an objectionable amount of brake dust. A hard pad lasts longer, but is more likely to make noise and cause accelerated rotor wear. Original equipment brake pads from your local Mercedes- Benz dealerships parts department offer the bestClean and/or replace all brake hardware before reassembly.This well make the job go more smoothly, and will help balance between the two. |reduce the chances of binding pads and pad vibration. Mercedes-Benz May 2010 5
  6. 6. —Mercedes-Benz is committed to safety in more SP - fnUTM* iuwaHtaa*^. . -U-, •Q- than just its new vehicles. These examples of ; ..": ,", ;, Vehicle Body Information automotive perfection have always been durable, reliable, and beautiful, and its your job to keep 215 them that way. When performing collision work, you have to look deeper than panel straightening and Sgjpji the perfect paint job. The chassis must be prepared : WSrC for a possible second strike. It must perform the 4lJ*^j8 same way as it did the first time. You may attribute it to government mpg regulations requiring lighter • N " umitt Kh 0n/m Wi f m ****** vehicles, or just to Mercedes-Benz engineering • Pc ta u prowess, but the bodies are getting lighter and stronger every model year. This is sometimes Being a Mercedes-Benz Collision Center gets you access to achieved by the use of lighter materials such as the website. This information is vital to making the proper aluminum and magnesium. Also, to maintain crash repair. Here you can see the different materials used in a strength, several different mild and high-tensile 215 chassis. strength steels are employed. These are known as can we do to properly repair these well-engineered "hybrid" construction vehicles. machines? Training information is available through Mercedes Benz. For more information, please-While there are advantages to this kind of contact Mr. Mark Allen,, it does mean new work proceduresfor you. These different materials cannot be welded —The first step in any collision repair is a visittogether. You must learn how to use a new and to the Mercedes-Benz collision repair site,stronger method of securing panels: chemical Take a look at thebonding, which is an excellent alternative where "Models" area to view the construction materialswelding is not possible. It also allows you to secure of the vehicle at hand. The last thing you want tonon-structural panels in "blind spot" areas where do is to start cutting the inner door panel of a 215mechanical fasteners cannot reach. Mercedes-Benz chassis only to find out it is magnesium. Whenrequires a combination of riveting and chemically magnesium ignites, it gives off a high-intensity lightbonding panels to maintain chassis strength. What that is blinding, and can lead to many dangerous6 StarTuned
  7. 7. Stortekinfos WIS program is not just for mechanical andelectrical work. It also has collision repair informationthat you will need to do the job right. Here is a picture Clean down to the metal for bonded suifaces, but do notof where pop rivets and punch rivets should be applied take off the corrosion-inhibiting material (primer). It ison a 215 chassis. just not necessary. Be careful about cross-contamination between aluminum and steel particles while cleaning. Keep both of these metals apart in the work area. ;[ 1J L ventilation is necessary to remove the particles from the air. If youre going to working with this It 1 E H l metal, you must avoid any cross-contamination i with other metals. The reaction between aluminum dust and steel dust that occurs because they are 11 EB dissimilar metals can lead to corrosion under the I : 11 m primer and paint. It is recommended that you have two different areas and two different sets of tools to prevent this cross-contamination. Where two different metals are attached to each other is whereThese are the structural rivets you need to attach modern bonding/riveting shines. When welding, you mayhigh strength panels. They are available at your Mercedes- deform the metal. Riveting/bonding doesnt involveBenz dealer. Allow the parts department to help you pick heat, so that wont happen. Corrosion protection isout the right rivet when purchasing collision repair panels. another benefit, if proper procedures are followed. -•When fastening panels together with eithershop situations. Always know the composition of welding or riveting, you must use the properwhat you are cutting into. While on the website, fasteners. When riveting aluminum, you shouldlook at the area of the crash damage and determine use aluminum rivets, and steel rivets for steel.what metals or plastics you are going to be working Mercedes-Benz makes extensive use of high-with. As you browse through each material, you are strength steels in its vehicles, and thereforeinstructed as to the proper methods of attaching requires high-strength rivets. All of these materialsthem. For instance, mild steel can be MIG, MIG are available through your Mercedes-Benz partsbrazed, spot welded, or rivet/bonded. supplier, who can advise you when you are ordering"-Other materials such as magnesium should replacement panels as to what rivets and bondingnever be worked, and are replaced as an entire agents are recommended. If you are using ancomponent. Aluminum cannot be resistance aftermarket supplier, you will need to ask questionswelded, but can be safely MIG brazed, MIG welded, such as, "Are the rivets strong enough to supportand riveted/bonded. When working with aluminum, modern high-strength steels?" and hope that youremember that its dust can be explosive. Proper get a straight answer. There is no point in using Mercedes-Benz May 2010 7
  8. 8. W H E N WELDING W O N T D O . .rivets that the panels will outperform in the event of areas that were already welded since the metal isanother accident. Obviously, when dealing with high- weaker there. The quantity of rivets used is juststrength rivets, you may have to upgrade your rivet as important as the quality. Chamfer each hole togun to make sure it will handle the additional stress. insure the rivet will compress the panels together freely. Size up the new panels proper position with-—Just as areas where resistance spot welds the panel it will be attached to, but do not secure it are made need to be clean, so do places where just yet. Check gaps and measurements before the bonding is done. But if you grind the panel down final assembly. to bare metal, youll remove all of the corrosion inhibitor. So, dont take off too much, only what —Now that you have done the prep work, you can you need to attach the panels together. You want start the assembly procedure. Begin by applying the the bonding adhesive to attach to the metal, not a bonding agent. Mercedes-Benz has kits available for painted surface. this procedure. Squeeze half an inch to an inch of the two-part adhesive out of the tube. Now, use the— Drill out rivet holes according to the work static mixer, which forces the two separate partsprocedures outlined in WIS (Workshop Information together and mixes them evenly. This is known asSystems). You can access WIS through a paid "equalizing" the mixture. This helps the adhesivesubscription to All to dry evenly with uniform strength. Apply a 10 tocollision repair procedures are included, as well 12 millimeter bead to the two panels being mechanical and electrical repair information. Clamp the panels in their proper positions. If youWhen drilling out holes, try to stay away from need to reposition the panel, do not lift the panelThis kit is also available at your Mercedes-Benz parts and reapply it. This separates the bonding materialsupplier. It comes with all the necessary components and may allow for air bubbles. Instead, slide theexcept the applicator gun, which is available separately. panel into its proper position. Once its in place,With bonding agents, rivets, repair panels, and remove all excess material. You may find that theStartekinfo, you are good to go! adhesive is getting warm as the chemical reaction takes place. This is normal. After one hour, most bonding agents become workable, but they may take four to 24 hours to fully cure. You can now install the rivets. Be sure to fully cover them to inhibit corrosion. Next, work the area to prepare for undercoat and paint. Finally —With new vehicles come new techniques. You have access to all the important tools to help you do collision repairs properly, especially and related collision websites. Also, your Mercedes-Benz parts supplier is there to assist you in performing safe and profitable repairs. Now, thats just good business. |8 StarTuned
  9. 9. C0L0R-MAX3 METALLIC : i$*^flBW^ff*is gNBuajnl I • • No matter what kind of car youve i is always the goal. And thats where BASF Refinish breaks from the field. Only BASF offers the C0L0R-MAX®3 system, which covers every color category in the spectrum and only uses chips sprayed with authentic BASF Refinish paint—not printed with ink. So you are assured a precise match the first time, every time, reducing comebacks and increasing productivity. And remember, BASF Refinish coatings are already approved for use by most major OEMs in North America.BASF For the kind of color matches that also match your customers expectations, callmical Compa. F distributor at 1 -800-825-3000 or visit H I
  10. 10. *9F Artificial Intelligence, ransmissionwise (••ai?te Computer controlled systems are everywhere, and they do add a certain level of complexity to diagnostic procedures. On the other hand, they can also make mechanical troubleshooting easier.—One of the benchmarks of a well-engineered Above: Before reading any adaptation data, the first step ismotor vehicle is its road manners. In the case of to verify proper fluid level. If the level is too low, you cannotan automatic transmission, the goal is smooth, trust the readings to tell you the true condition of theseamless shifting. This is accomplished by applying transmission. Here is the special tool available from your Mercedes-Benz dealer for checking fluid level.exactly the right hydraulic pressure at exactly theright time to the clutch assemblies. If the pressureis too high, the shifts will be too firm and verynoticeable. If too low, the clutches will slip, causinglong, slow shifts that accelerate wear and are alsonoticeable. The key is precise control of both thepressure and timing of the shifts, which results ina transmission that offers maximum fuel efficiency,performance and durability, and imperceptibleshifting. Of course, aggressive drivers require firmshifts, while more easy-going drivers want smoother Above the valve body are speed sensors N2 and N3. They fit into the lower part of the case and indicate the speedshifting. So, engineers have always had to strike a of the clutch basket tone wheel.This is how the control unitbalance between the two during the design process. determines slippage. Make sure you do not have any speedSophisticated electronic control of line pressure and sensor problems before trusting scan data.shift points makes that less of a compromise. is a fluid temperature sensor, pressure sensors,Mortality and speed sensors. By comparing the speed of the input and output shafts, the computer can— Even the most well-built transmissions cant live determine when the clutch assemblies engage. Ifforever. Clutch assemblies wear, and the clutch the sensors indicate slippage, more pressure canmaterial circulates around the hydraulic circuits. be applied by different commands to the hydraulicThis can cause the pistons in the valve body to solenoids. A pressure sensor monitors this change.stick and possibly affect shift quality. As the platesget thinner, it takes more time for the clutch to The temperature sensor is used to manage shiftinggrip, which accelerates wear. The way the vehicle during cold and hot situations. All of this happens is driven will affect longevity as well. Adaptive during normal driving.strategies in the electronic module help to mitigatethe damage, and maintain shift quality in spite ofthe inevitable wear. Sensor data —Artificial intelligence in the programming and— How does the control unit know what to change? the electronic transmission control unit (ETC)Input sensors provide the necessary data. There monitors sensor data, changes shift points, and10 StarTuned
  11. 11. even compensates for wear. This information brake solenoids B2 and B3, as well as clutchcan be valuable when diagnosing a problem with solenoid K3, are engaged. In second gear, solenoidtransmission performance. The SDS scan tool will B3 is no longer activated, but B1 is now energized.display this data and allow you to make a more Now that you are familiar with which solenoidsprecise diagnosis. After selecting "Drive," select affect which shift, you can monitor the solenoids"Transmission" on your SDS, or equivalent. Or, that have an affect on the shifting can select it directly after performing a "QuickTest." From here, you can pull codes, look at live Resetdata, and evaluate transmission "Adaptation Data." a With the SDS, you can reset the adaptation dataConsidering the cost of transmission repair, your as well as view it. When viewing the data, you areaccuracy may mean the difference between a happy given two parameters. The first one is "Fill Time ofand an unhappy customer. Brake (solenoid) B1 through B3," depending on howa While monitoring adaptation data, you will notice many gears this particular transmission has. Thisthat you can select to look at up-shifts or down- counter is measured in cycles. To assist in readingshifts. If you are trying to diagnose a specific the data, the maximum and minimum readingsshifting problem, you can look at the "Assignment are displayed as well as the actual value for threeof hydraulic shift elements." This tells you what different temperature ranges. Ideally, you shouldsolenoids are active during a particular shift. For see the number "0" in the actual value field. Thisinstance, lets say you are looking for a 1-2 shift means the ETC does not have to compensate at allproblem. You can see that in first gear hydraulic for any component wear. Vehicle 211.022 Control unit ETC (Electronic transmission control ( 722.9 7G-Tronic ) Control unit version Fault codes Event memory Actual values Initial startup Control unit adaptations Transmission adaptation Diagnosis routines Once youve selected the EGS control unit, you can enter the transmission adaptation tables and look at the readings. You have the option to look at upshifts, downshifts, and reset the tables. This should be done if transmission fluid levels were low, or other problems were found (speed sensor codes, for example). Vehicle 211.022 Control unit ETC Adaptation data Adaptation values of shift 1 - 2: Lower limit Upper limit Actual value Actual value Actual value Fill time of brake B1 [cycles] |-20 20 ^^5 -7 -7.5 Brake filling pressure B1 [mbar]: -2000 2000 -240 400 -240 The adaptation tables show you the maximum and minimum limits for each reading.You also see readings for a cold, normal and hot transmission. The upper reading indicates the time it took to apply the clutch basket. The lower reading indicates the pressure required to make that happen. Mercedes-Benz May 2010 I I
  12. 12. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE—The second line of data is "Brake Filling Pressure" is worn out and a single repair will correct thefor each shift. This is measured in mBAR from the problem, but a remanufactured transmission frompressure sensors. Once again, the maximum and Mercedes-Benz may be a more cost-effectiveminimum limits are displayed along with the actual solution in the long run because all Genuinevalues for three temperature ranges. In either case, Remanufactured Parts meet the same standardsif you see a negative number, the control unit is for quality, reliability and value as brand new parts.reducing pressure to correct the shift. If you see a The term "remanufactured" means brought backpositive number, the control unit is adding pressure to production specifications, reassembled, andto improve shift quality. This is more common with tested such that the expected performance can behigh mileage transmissions that have significant defined and warranted (two years, or 24,000 miles,wear. Resetting the adaptations allows you to bring whichever comes first). Its an entirely differentthe counters to zero as if the transmission were level of quality than aftermarket transmissionsnew. After evaluating the current data and resetting, that may be called "rebuilt," which typically meansyou can then perform an "Adaptation." replacement of only those components that may be broken or unusable, without a complete disassembly— Put the ETC in adaptation mode and go on a and precision inspection.road test. The computer will make changes tothe shifting patterns faster than it would if theowner were just driving it around. Look to see how Finallyquickly these adaptations are made. A worn or —Mercedes-Benz transmissions are completelymalfunctioning component will cause the actual capable of lasting 200,000 miles and beyond. Usingvalues to change a lot. Adaptation can be read and smart computers along with regular maintenanceperformed for both the shift solenoids and torque increases their life, but ultimately an overhaul will beconverter lock-up performance. required. Take the time to read the adaptation data— If either of these values is excessive, repair work and explain to customers what is in their best going to be needed. By looking at the value for In most cases, youll find that the typical Mercedes-each shift, you may determine that the transmission Benz owner will be willing to invest in the repair. | Resetting of adaptation data IMPORTANT NOTE : - Adaptation data should only be reset following completion of repair work. Resetting the adaptation data cannot be expected to improve shift quality, though there will be a change. To optimize shift quality, adaptation can be performed using menu item Performing adaptation". Either as a diagnostic procedure, or after the repair is complete, reset the transmission adaptation tables. Ther be a noticeable change in shifting. Drive the vehicle and feel if any shifts are not smooth. From here, you can adaptation to improve shift quality. Upshifts Warning! Always adapt the complained shift operation only. There is no technical reason to perform an adapation procedure for all shift operations. Before performing adaptation, it is essential to refer to the following notes : - Test procedure carried out as part of the road test - A second person is always required for this step to check the data displayed. - When carrying out adaptation, it is important to ensure that the specified torques are not exceeded as no adaptation of the transmission takes place in this case. If a transmission shift is not up to par, you can adapt that one shift, whether upshift or downshift. Follow the in on your SDS screen. During the procedure, avoid any sudden throttle movements that may block the adaptatio12 StarTuned
  13. 13. FIRE m• # . . . on all eight with USA Dealer Workshop Services is the source for all the technicalinformation needed to support, service, and maintain Mercedes-Benz vehicles.Mercedes-Benz workshops rely on DWS products and services for getting jobsdone quickly and more efficiently. Our products include: STAR Teklnfo with WIS-net (Workshop Maintenance Manuals and Sheets Information System) STAR Service Manual Library CDs Electrical Troubleshooting Manuals WIS and DAS software updates Installation Instructions Star Diagnosis System (SDS) Technical Bulletins Operators Manuals and COMAND Manuals Campaigns Mercedes-Benz Equipment Mercedes-Benz Special Tools Inventory of technical publicationsSTAR TeklnfoDealer Workshop ServicesEngineering Services, Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC.
  14. 14. vehicle repair manuals are still you can quickly find information available online, but WIS allows on remanufactured parts, collision you to access step-by-step parts, repair methods, epc instructions for newer vehicles. parts look-up and helpful links Simply select the vehicle youre to help you professionally repair working on, then the system Mercedes-Benz vehicles. you want to learn about, checkSourcing Mercedes-Benz off the type of information you — and Parts Information would like, and WIS automatically If you are in the collision repair displays all related information he industry, you need information found in the search. on how to properly reconstructinformation (I) STARTeklnfo 5Mre.i nam f n * *t MMbu *se;.m Mercedes-Benz vehicles. ThisAge « c * , * ^ ^ , i Laaa* Mercedes-Benz •Vtlcoma Dac» Chn»loiih* W.J r. Vouha.a j 6 o u t 1 « d a y » h f t i r t , ui luDsmptont information is indispensible when 4 The SCIJ servsr is axpefiancing prooltma There may be itsuat with log in ••••••• 1 r*oDrumming and coding 1 fixing collision damage. In an BWhat* Hew? G Diagnostic Inla • Pre Delivery Inspection effort to save weight and increase-—Mercedes-Benz has always t a i l Dai Launcn ODDJDTC B Feedback A Quality Last Mask tsituonm Launcfi Manuals B Legacy Data Siarctl Repoftd | WIS Oniint Eiror Report strength, Mercedes-Benz vehicles been an innovator when it D Stor Bullailn* Recall Carpal arts SD3 Qnlint Error Raport 3 D F t M 0 * 3 & Comtltaflts ??,-.!:•> Campaigns 9*rv4eeBuU«ltr» B MB Workshop Resourca* D M 8 5 p * c l a l Tool* are often composed of different comes to engineering motor initailaSan Bulletins Launcn 6o«oai Tool Cauicg E MB Equipment WSO Pan* AutnortiaBon U J I D Temporary P o i t l n g i DTBfU Launcn SBEP Catalog D K e y Orileilng materials. Magnesium, aluminum,vehicles. Now, the company is a Star Wiring HVeDoe • Theft-Ralavttnt P e r u Info • Slur Intro B p i e C l i i o t i Recognition and varying high-tensile strength SEDAC El Operator Manual* B Tale ma l i t * QrWpdoing the same with information. B Star OlognoaU GwiSnnl u i « i Guida Launcn WIS-net Tsch RanuiramenU steels are used. It is essential to In an effort to support know when it is safe to cut, weld, independent automotive service — and bond components togethershops, Mercedes-Benz offers an If you would like to improve your for the strongest overall repair.extensive list of websites that relationship with your Mercedes-contain OEM vehicle-specific Benz parts dealer, you can applytechnical information. Lets for access to this OEM parts — review the help thats at our site. This is done through EPC If restoring classic Mercedesfingertips: (Electronic Parts Catalog). You is your focus, you will be very can either select a model, or pleased with the complete enter a VIN # and the parts listing technical information and— This for the vehicle will be displayed. parts support provided by thesite offers the most extensive This is the same information the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centertechnical data on all Mercedes- dealer uses. When placing orders in Irving, California. You can askBenz vehicles. This includes over the phone, you and your questions and request informationaccess to wiring diagrams, repair dealer can be reading from the about your vehicle, as well asmanuals and WIS (Workshop same page. This ensures that the purchase restored vehicles. |Information Systems). After right parts get ordered the firstselecting wiring diagrams, and time. A subscription for Americanthen selecting a chassis number, vehicles is free. For internationalyou will be rewarded with more access, you will have to pay a 1AR07.07-P-1453QB Removing/Installing the hot film mass air now sensthan just the diagrams. There is small fee. / J. ENGINE ENGINE ENGINE 272.920 In MODEL 203.052 /252 1752 272.940 In MODEL 203.054 /254, 209.354 /454 272.960 in MODEL 203.056 /25ti f750, 209.356 /456also Star Finder, a component ENGINE ENGINE ENGINE 272.970 In MODEL 203.087 /287 272.941 In MODEL 203.092 /292 273 In MODEL 209location program. Within the - • Air t.Iter housmg Electrical connectordiagrams themselves there are This website offers OEM parts Right notch Lett notch Resonance intake pip>.pages devoted to connector and service information as well Spring steel sheet *rn as electronic archives of the very .-., duel ft •rlayout and wire-by-wire electricalsignal information. The older magazine youre holding. Here14 StarTuned
  15. 15. GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ REMANUFACTURED A/C COMPRESSORS WHy_Bu^JG-EJNjJJJ N PLACE — We replace more parts than aftermarket br; GINEEREO — Designed to meet original OEM draw N U F A C T U R E D — Made with same OE components as factory parts. s E M B L E D — Completely assembled from components and hot just repaired. - Tested to new unit standards.ITS A L L I N T H E P R O C E S SRemanufacturing Process (Genuine Mercedes-Benz!1. Dismantle core 2. Replace key 3. Test all 4 . Replace 5. Assemble, and clean all components 100% other critical components that test components. with new OE part. components. do not meet specs. and box.Rebuilt Process (Typical Aftermarl<1. Identify damaged 2. Replace damaged 3. Re-assemble, part or parts. part with non-OE test and box. part and clean. Mercedes-Benz
  16. 16. Compliments of R B M Of Atlanta 770-390-0601If these factory brake parts were any more localyoud be living in Germany.There is no substitute for Genuine Mercedes-Benz Brake Parts.Why risk your reputation using non-genuine brake parts when Genuine Mercedes-Benz Brake Partsare readily available and priced right? Your local Mercedes-Benz dealer keeps more brake parts onhand for more Mercedes-Benz models - all offering unsurpassed quality and value. Using precision fit,factory tested, factory warranted Mercedes-Benz brake parts solidifies your customers confidenceand reinforces their trust in you. It means you can be sure youve got the right parts at competitiveprices. Your customers expect the best without compromise. Go straight to the source for your brakeparts. For more information, visit us at Mer c/frtam* SERVICE CENTER-


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