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20 Tips for a Great Life & Career

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Do the right thing, get the right results. Read the original Forbes article here: or visit

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20 Tips for a Great Life & Career

  1. Thai Jasmine/Flickr Day after day, be a little bit kinder and a tad wiser than you were the day before.
  2. B30K/Flickr Save money with more urgency than you spend it.
  3. SophiaSPK/Flickr It is a better strategy to be consistently good than occasionally great.
  4. Mike Barwood/Flickr Read more. Nothing else will so quickly make you wiser.
  5. Samuel Raj/Flickr Always do the right thing, even when you think no one is watching.
  6. Martino!/Flickr Never forget that most people will do what you pay them to do, not what you tell them to do.
  7. LawPrieR/Flickr It is okay to be more generous than other people, especially if you like to feel good.
  8. Fran Simo/Flickr Most of the answers you need already exist in someone else’s head; find those people.
  9. Rory Macleod/Flickr Too little ego, and you waste your potential; too much and you waste everyone else’s.
  10. Mike Mozart/Flickr Technology cannot solve every problem.
  11. e_monk/Flickr Give away the things you no longer need; it will help others, and free yourself from distractions
  12. Thai Jasmine/Flickr Just because you dislike someone does not mean s/he is wrong.
  13. Franco/Flickr Be happy even when you do not get what you thought you wanted.
  14. Steven Depolo/Flickr Never ask a favor of anyone unless you have helped them at least three times already.
  15. Tela Chhe/Flickr Don’t just count your blessings; use them to help others.
  16. Travis/Flickr The secret of success is to stay healthy.
  17. Tom Conger/Flickr Take a simple idea and take it seriously. (Charles T. Munger)
  18. If you expend too much energy just to stay in the same place, you will never advance.
  19. Alejandro Mallea/Flickr Listen! The people who don’t think are the ones who never listen. (from the book 1Q84)
  20. Phil Dragash/Flickr You don’t need more money; you need more meaning.
  21. Katie Laird/Flickr Be posi(ve, and help others! Created by Bruce Kasanoff. Learn more at
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Do the right thing, get the right results. Read the original Forbes article here: or visit


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