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Saal Ek,Shuruaat Anek

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Taking you through what has changed in the last one year.

Saal Ek,Shuruaat Anek

  1. BAN KING THE UNBANKED Bank account for every family. olfnring savings un; ucu _- D H A N S E Pradhan Mantrl Jan Dhan Yojana *' J A N - 15 croro bank accounts opanod - 13.6 cron mi' . H - › - Rmisåøocrøradopositod SECURING THE UNSECURED Towards comprohonslvc social socurity for all. especially tha poor - 6.1 cron › « - ' onroilod within the first week Pradhan Mantrl Suraksha Bim: Yojana AN D - Accident Insurance cover of Rs. 2 Iakhs - at premium of Rs. 1 per month - Eligibio without condition to aII between 18 to 70 years o! ago Empowgdng g| | to hund lives of mgrity Pradhan Mantrl Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojana - Lita Insurance cover of Rs. Z iakhs - at 90 palsa por day premium - Eiigibia without condition to all between 18 to SO years of age Atai Pension Yojana - Pension without Tonsion. with guaranteød minimum pension of Rs 1.000 to Rs 5.000 per month after the age of 60 - Minimum 20 year premium contribution - with government to contribute 50% of premium for 5 years (up to a maximum of Rs. 1.000 per annum) FUNDING THE UNFUNDED Easy access to Ioans for unorganlsad sector - small buslnossmon. tradors. shopltupcrs. hawkers etc. M U D RA Ba n k c Rs. 20.000 crore provided in Budget - to offer Ioans from Rs. 10.000 to Rs. 10 iakh - SCs. STS. OBCs and Minorities to be the major banoiiciarias SaaIEk Shuruaat Anek Conn-mmm PM DI Inarendramodi Nam. vina I. More . var -7/ mrvmafumsmødun SHI? ! MIB "gav www nmaun aavpzznz/ Is/ oooi/ isia
  2. GROWTH fñâtllåi-grcywing large economy in the Woriripninying global focus TEJ GATI AARTHlK PRÅCATI v INFLATION spiraliing prices immediately controlled VIBRANT ECONOMY DRlViNC GROWTH nu i. uu WIDE RANGING REFORMS - SDI man» wanted to L! ! r. Delicato. annans! And Fonden 1001: n Ramar; normo enad vi Comlxutbovi Dion! annu decor-hotad - car 4 transformation» u. :clown penga by lol scen - Correct-on o! monte Day Structures Maud lur »Aamann asking menar goods (om-av man 0000131 - 00-00110000 - ilmálcuion o! pnxøuu (møørtwxport labour! Inonde. n learning period (namn-ul 9099:031 Do-Ikomho 46040020 members: de - iueaibelno Oviken : smulad oil: norm fo' cor-glo omm H09 of moms. ordna 00441100 labour cornøløuto. knutna* laátøuøn sal etc - loamlnoh-sutømwatadasøqøupødwsmnøboøakdøvøoømøn - lotsa h hå - omm; Mau Per-datum_ u wo! n Noman-an u; the Mann - IOnOWYnQDDMhOITMtp-øl-üm-aftåøoløadlülabøofqldvø - KW lsoii-(moâoywnu and fann! VlÖdvIl-oñi mo AIM un: monitors How-on: mazda-Mo lo Marlon 04-00900000: väv ana common - fannldioømøodøcmsmthmøncmønøynmøhønøuvhøuuøhøw-urrvtnnaoanoøoøtauooáøcbøn and manual tmumco 01900000 and vor-mosa om: Wanna "smulad 'iom arv-a ia- CPI food in italien Aro u Ahl n
  3. Z(isan's Interests : Jon-Negotiable II. . |san's i; ?ell-Being The priority EMPOWERNZENT PROSPERITY RELIEF H7 drivin production as well as b makin iarmin vibrant and sharin burden In times 9 Y 9 9 9 productivlty rewarding of need - Nar krm Ko Duni through Pradhan “ - Organic 'anning promolad through - Componuuon for Crop damagø Mantri Krlshi Sinchai Yojana - acrøss ; Paramparagal Krishi Vika: Vojana i increased to 1.5 times i. dri-iki"tiond ' . fxêhødøázârámgnága a" . ' Unified National Agriculture Mark-t _ ' Covcngo expanded - reiaxing eingnbnlnty " ' being deveioped with States , norms irom 50% to S376 damage m" ° ll l iøctrlñ Hon through Dee D I - . , “ Uláåâyüy ma: ”o” vakna n aya ; r Price stzbiiluuon Fund lo provide e - Proowøment norms of grann quaiity Mu f support in case oi Sharp price falls i related . Sa m ° we' ' 'am ”lupumm National Goirul Mission enhancing i - Loans restructured and rescneduied . Soil Hallin Card: Improving soil iertilily productivity of indrgenous cattle breeds _ sunday in dig”. a, we" . S so* 'mmase ' ? horn-coated una to damp down on Sugarcano larmar: supported - wise in i in seed subsiáy diversion to Industry. New una policy Import duty and 250% increase in 1 and rwvival oi farliiiur plant: in eastern nthanoi biendung 4 '"°'° '° '"°'°““' °'°°"°"°" Firm negotiaiions u wro securlng - Fann crvdil target raised to E185 iakh crpres. enhantnng access ln lean: - Kisan TV › 24x7 channel dedicated to Iarrners giving weather updates. agri-rnandi data etc. iarmers' iong›terrn interests . f . ... ... ..__-. ._. .. u, ... um-. m. . m. u. .. v, ... W. r_. ,.. ... ..n. m ' *x N' ov n U ,2/1-7/ l ? att . c. . my. .." i mmm. wwwnavenørawx: .n n-wwommngmm
  4. :i _' llfl IPLH' 1 : iiqui: 'm ”' | ›*| 'i' H Vi llliti x ll POWER Lighting up a billion lives Dcdmied Khtmcs for 1417 Power in rum! and urban areas. toialling Rs, 1.09 lakh crores Record performance Iri coal output. electricity generation . ind transmission capacity Thrust on national transmission grid - RS> I lakh crores of pmiects being mllcd out RAI LWAYS , á/ Back on track Best ever performance - L981 km railway lines (ommissioned and L375 km electrified 6 new pil rim trains Liunched and Katta line opened lo: travel to aishno Devi Pawenger tonvenience - IOO* Ådanh iutionLWI-Fi. e-cntenng CC TV camera! etc. 1/ _ cøvsnww' ot nu. . u: .'| i:: '.i'. i li Iilihwa, Il jgvz- , h . l-_lll .4< ' ROADWAYS Path to progress unlocked 'ii NExT-GENERATION ti” INFRASTRUCTURE H Building the India of Tomorrow 16.800 ltmi of mad; built under Fradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojaria › I70% oi sci target Convenience - 300 electronic tells. CCTV SUFVQIUJHLQ. GPS mcking of public transport Smart Cities and Urban Transformation me ' I. I3 lakh crores to _provide digital , v' v” sHlpplNc. AvlAnoN infrastructure under Digital India National Supercomputing Mission of Rs. 4.500 crore approved Major Satellites - launch vehicle (GSLV Mk lll); aviatlon navigation system Charting new tenitories Sagarmala Project Launched for comprehensive port-led development I I I I | Programmes of Rs. 98,000 crores for I I I I Hngficst cvcr annual capacity addition and augmcntation | In major port! - 7| MTPA Airports constructcd at Biknncr . md Kadappa; near I complction . itTirupai-i. Khagunho : ind Cliandigarhçand work started . it Hubli, Bclgaum. KishangarfLTqpur and l jharsugudn l i _ l (las 7* _ , _ a . v- ' - L . ? I ' m. .en u. .i-w 3 n i. li m ”mun i
  5. (Special Investigation Team) constituted in the very first cabinet meeting Stringont ' i ' Law against tax evaders. including rigorous impøisoriment Strong pitch for greater international cooperation resoundingly endorsed at D* instllutionalized mechanism; ior , ' and ' oi natural resources. ufeguarding them for your benefit mobillzed ? rom and allotments oi 67 oi 204 cancellad blocks (over their litespan). Funds to develop bocltwerd end trlbal regions mobillzad horn the rnont successiui 1 ' l ' ever reform. replecing arbltrary process with competitive auctions : - 76% reduction ln price (from Rs. S10 to Rs. 82) through online bidding - sharp reduction ln prices by introducing a national online procurement systern - Worlds largest ' ' (DBT) schema for LPG subsidies. Rs. 11.600 crores in subsidy directly transferred to 13 : vore household: through 59 crore automated transections since January zois DBT being progressively rolled out across other schemes like , and iaciiitatjng ease and minimizing leakage lrl'l'7 liv . ..i-ri l m IHVV r n v. w nu mw »wav r. nu, ..- u . . g c J” J __ , man 4.. .; ll . .,. .,. ,,. _._, ,.. ,,i , MW m. .. . b: : own-tunn m mm.
  6. ll Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Niramayahll Good health and happiness for all Vanbandhu Kalyan Yoiana forTribaI development; lirst National Tribal Festival Part of royalty lrom mining reserved for development of local area Programme for addressing slckle cell anaemla among tribal children Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan for Specially- abled and e-Saadhya for children with Autism Education and skill development of Minorities - USTTAD and 'Earn and Learn' Land allocated for Dr. Babasaheb Arnbedkar Srnarak in Mumbai New venture capital and Ioan guarantee schemes for Dali: entrepreneurs "A government is one which thinks about the poor, Iistens to the poor and exists for the poor. Mothers, daughters, villagers, farmors, tribals, dallts, vulnerable and the oppressed - this government is for them, for their aspirations and this is our responsibility" - Narendm Modi Shrameva jayate - guaranteed minimum Pension of Rs. L000 to Iabourers in EPS. Universal Account Number and drive to return Rs. 27.000 crores unclaimed EPF Beti Bachao Beti Padhao programme [0 empower the girl child 43 lakh Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana accounts - special tax-free deposit scheme for girls Swachh Svvasti) Shlkshlt Bharat 33% reservation for women in police forces oi Delhi and Union Territories Special campaign [O find missing children i over 3.000 children found Special focus on North East - Rs. 53,000 crore budget and intensive central support interna wuh PM Connect with PM / narcndramudi News_ ViOWS 8. More Short' Ideas 4-72? m3/ www nmendranvodv . n Ö uumou MODI . Åk m irl. " w < 4.7.» www nnnnma gav in OV "WN . f 'i www mygovin Dedicated Ministry and flagship training programme: launched for Skill lndla National portal for scholarshlps and PM Vidyalakshml Karyakram for student Ioans Programms for enhancing quality of teaching. online courses and national l0 new AIIMSS new IITs.6 new IIMs and a number of other speclalized in ' 'ons Mission Indradhanush - 35 lakh children Llfe-savlng drugs under price control nearly doubled Nationwide people-driven Swachh Bharat mission. Over 58 lakh Tollets built uøzznznamianan
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Taking you through what has changed in the last one year.


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