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Equine clinical case



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Equine clinical case

  1. 1. Equine clinical case Dr. Karima Al Salihi
  2. 2. Case History • The owner of a 16 year old Arabian horse gelding called at night, stating that his horse had mild colic from time to time during the entire day and was gradually worsening. • There had been only one bowel movement during the day. • The horse had no change in feed prior to these attacks and had no previous history of colic. • A few number of horses were kept in a well worked sand arena and were fed on the ground. • The farm was on a twice per year worming program of trichlorfon, phenothiazine and piperazine' each fall and pyrantel pamoate2 each spring. • There was a high concentration of parasites evident in the feces after each worming.
  3. 3. • Clinical examination was done for this horse. • He appeared depressed, exhausted and resistant to efforts to keep him walking although he did not want to go down, just rest. • Temperature was normal and heart rate was slightly elevated. • Respiration was normal and mucus membranes were pink with rapid refill and strong pulse. • Colic pain was evident about every ten minutes and he postured as if he wanted to urinate. • Borborygmi were loud and frequent.
  4. 4. According to previous scenario: 1. What is the diagnosis? 2. In details discuss the treatment plan.