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Southeast Migrant Crisis



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Hey guys,this ppt is about the recent issue of migrant crisis.If you also care about it,please *like* my slides!

Southeast Migrant Crisis

  1. 1. Yi-Chun Huang May, 2015
  2. 2. Migrant Crisis Who are they? Why do they emigrate? Where are they moving to? Why is it a problem? How to solve the problem?
  3. 3. • Indo-Aryan • Practice Sunni Islam • 76%Burmese are Buddhists • Settled in Rakhine since the 16th century
  4. 4. Poor Bengali Persecuted Rohingya More than 120000 people have fled in the past 3 years
  5. 5. • Rakhine • Bangladesh Origin • Thailand Transit • Malaysia • Indonesia Destination
  6. 6. Thai crackdown on people smuggling 6000 Migrants are abandoned at sea and on land Drew attention internationally
  7. 7. Rohingya are classified as Bengalis rather than an ethnic minority Blame Myanmar for religious and political discrimination Aung San Suu Kyi doesn`t endorse Rohingya Dalai Lama supports minority Muslims
  8. 8. Reinforce coastguard Carry out stiffer penalties for human smuggling syndicates Set up a upstream and downstream human smuggling database
  9. 9.   Possibilities Grant special regulation for the Rohingya Introduce Progressive Legalization Set an autonomous region Create a new rule of law in Rakhine
  10. 10.  Participant of GIS Taiwan 2015 U++ competition  Apply now and influence the world: