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Career growth in 2018

A look at how today's professional takes their career growth into their own hands. Research by HubSpot Academy showing the trends of young professionals in 2018 and their approach to career progression through job-related learning and continuous education.

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Career growth in 2018

  1. 1. A look at how today's professionals take career growth into their own hands. Career Growth in 2018: 
  2. 2. On March 27, 2018, HubSpot surveyed 455 full-time marketing and sales professionals globally to find out how they approach job-related learning. The professionals surveyed are all members of Smart Insights, an online community for individuals interested in digital marketing growth. Data Sample In this report we take a look at the trends that were identified from the survey results and offer insights from experts in education.
  3. 3. Growth-minded professionals are taking their own approach to education these days. They realize that their professional success is best placed in their own hands. Instead of waiting for opportunities to present themselves, these driven professionals are deciding to learn what they want, when they want.  Today, higher education is no longer mandatory for career progression. Instead, countless business skills are being acquired through online learning platforms like HubSpot Academy. In this report we take a look at the trends of these growing professionals and how they're approaching their continuing education. Introduction
  4. 4. How to Grow Your Career Growth-minded professionals have realized that they can acquire any skill they need in order to advance in their field. They also know that once they advance, they’ll be required to learn new skills again. This is a never-ending cycle of development that professionals experience throughout their entire career.
  5. 5. Section 1) The Question of TIME
  6. 6. of professionals currently spend  at least 30 minutes per week on job-related learning. 85%
  7. 7. But it's not enough!
  8. 8. of professionals would like to spend more time on job-related learning. 68%
  9. 9. So what's stopping them?
  10. 10. The biggest challenge for growing professionals is finding the time to dedicate to continuous learning (76% of respondents). The problem is, if you don't spend time acquiring new skills, it's very hard to excel at your job. This will inevitably stunt your career growth. 
  11. 11. Got 20 minutes? We have hundreds of free business lessons that take 20 minutes or less to complete right here waiting for you. Why not try one now? Try one now
  12. 12. Section 2) Who's Teaching Them?
  13. 13. Credibility is key for choosing the right training providers.
  14. 14. 68% 62% 44% Online learning platforms like Udemy or HubSpot Academy Topic experts/ influencers Peers Growing professionals trust online learning platforms the most for their educational needs. 
  15. 15. "I think learning from people who truly have experienced what you’re trying to learn is fantastic. The insights and examples that are created through real experience are incredibly valuable. Michael Goeden, Digital Marketing Institute
  16. 16. So are these driven professionals returning to the classroom in droves?
  17. 17. So are these driven professionals returning to the classroom in droves? NOPE!
  18. 18. 75% 45% Online training videos Classroom training professionals prefer online training videos for learning a new skill. 3 out of 4
  19. 19. "My belief is the best combination is some online, video-based training coupled with some in-person workshops and activities. It’s commonly referred to as “flip the classroom,” where the lecture components are done as homework, and the homework components are done in the classroom. I think classroom time should be spent working together to learn things. Mark Kilens, VP HubSpot Academy
  20. 20. (Quick pause) Have you identified the next skill you're going to learn yet? 
  21. 21. Section 3) The Future Is Digital
  22. 22. of professionals would use a mobile device to learn something on the go. 57%
  23. 23. professionals would be interested in learning something new in a virtual reality environment. 1 in 2
  24. 24. of professionals want to be able to use tools to apply their learnings after learning something new.  95%
  25. 25. We have good news! With HubSpot Academy's free education, we give you all our free tools to use right there in one place. Start learning now
  26. 26. One thing is clear from these findings....
  27. 27. One thing is clear from these findings.... The professional world is evolving at a rapid pace. 
  28. 28. But that's an amazing thing!
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