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balance diet

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  1. 1. Balance diet and dietary standard Dev Ram Sunuwar M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics
  2. 2. Content • What is balanced diet? • Composition of balance diet. • Importance of balance diet. • Food Pyramids. • Important factors for formulating balance diet. • Objectives of balance diet. • Healthy balance diet plan. • Dietary standard.
  3. 3. What is Balanced Diet ??? • A balance diet means getting the right type and amount of foods and drinks to supply nutrition and energy for maintaining body cells, tissues, and organs and for supporting growth and development. Calories In = Calories Out
  4. 4. Balanced Diet Contd. • A diet that contains adequate amounts of all the necessary nutrients required for healthy growth and activity. • A balance diet contains sufficient amount of fiber and the various nutrients to ensure good health. • Food should also provide the appropriate amount of energy and adequate amounts of water. • A balance diet should be both adequate and wholesome.
  5. 5. Composition of Balanced Diet • About 50-60% of energy requirements should come from complex carbohydrates. • About 15-20% of energy should come from proteins. • About 25-30% of energy should come from total fat.(of this, saturated fat should be less than a third). • The healthy combination of a balanced diet is one which has low fat, low refined carbohydrates, optimal amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  6. 6. Important factors to be considered while formulating a balanced diet • Knowledge of the daily nutritional requirements • Selection of foods which fulfill the daily nutritional requirements. • Planning meals • Preparation of meals • Serving meals
  7. 7. 1.Knowlwdge of the daily nutritional requirements Nutritional requirements vary according to: • Age • Gender • Physical activity • Physiological status
  8. 8. Dietary guidelines for Indians • Eat variety of foods to ensure a balanced diet. • Ensure provision of extra food and healthcare to pregnant and lactating women. • Promote exclusive breastfeeding for six months and encourage breastfeeding till two years or as long as one can. • Feed home based semi solid foods to the infant after six months. • Ensure adequate and appropriate diets for children and adolescents, both in health and sickness. • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. • Ensure moderate use of edible oils and animal foods and very less use of ghee/ butter/ vanaspati.
  9. 9. Dietary guidelines for Indians • Avoid overeating to prevent overweight and obesity. • Exercise regularly and be physically active to maintain ideal body weight. • Restrict salt intake to minimum. • Ensure the use of safe and clean foods. • Adopt right pre-cooking processes and appropriate cooking methods. • Drink plenty of water and take beverages in moderation. • Minimize the use of processed foods rich in salt, sugar and fats. • Include micronutrient-rich foods in the diets of elderly people to enable them to be fit and active.
  10. 10. Balanced Diet • Meets nutritional needs • Prevents degenerative diseases • Improves longevity • Prolongs productive life • Improves immunity • Increases endurance level • Develops optimum cognitive ability • Helps in coping up stress • ENHANCES QUALITY OF LIFE
  11. 11. Dietary Standard (noun) • Definition of DIETARY STANDARD : the food in the diet usually expressed in terms of digestible nutrients supposed to be best adapted for humans under different conditions.
  12. 12. Purposes of DS • the planning of diets or food supplies and • the evaluation of dietary histories.
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