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53rd Maritime Day - An Introspection

A presentation on the 53rd Maritime Day (05th April 2016).
Presented at CMMI Chandigarh chapter's Maritime Day celebration held at Panchkula.

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53rd Maritime Day - An Introspection

  1. 1. 53rd Maritime Day – An Introspection Capt. A. S. Brar LLM Maritime Law (Merit), University of Southampton PGD Marine Insurance, World Maritime University, Malmo Panchkula, 05th of April 2016
  2. 2. RMS Empress of India • Keel laid in 1890 at Barrow, England • Built by Naval Construction & Armament Co (later absorbed into Vickers Armstrong) • 30 August 1890 – Launched by Lady Louise Egerton, sister of Lord Harrington • 5905 ton vessel, length 455.6 feet x beam 51.2 feet (~ 138.8 m x 15.6 m) • One of the first vessels in the Pacific to have twin propellers with reciprocating engines; average speed 16 knots “White-painted, clipper-bowed ship; two buff-coloured funnels with a band of black paint at the top; three lightweight schooner-type masts”
  3. 3. Our History • December 1914 – Maharaja of Gwalior purchased RMS Empress of India • 19 January 1915 – Renamed SS Loyalty • 27 March 1919 – Joint venture set up by Walchand Hirachand, Narottam Morarjee, Kilachand Devchand and Lallubhai Samaldas • March 1919 – SS Loyalty sold to The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. • 05 April 1919 – Sailed from Bombay for the UK • February 1923 – Sold, scrapping at Bombay
  4. 4. Recent Developments in Maritime Field To enumerate a few… • Sea Traffic Management (STM) • MAchine eXecutable Colregs for Marine Autonomous Systems (MAXCMAS) • Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI) • Insurance Act 2015 • Bi-lateral collaboration & research in the maritime field
  5. 5. Sea Traffic Management Master Plan “The MONALISA2.0 project has delivered an exciting vision and a well-defined concept over how shipping can be turned in to a more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport mode through Sea Traffic Management (STM). Now we also have a well-defined route description how to get there.”
  6. 6. Sea Traffic Management • The next step for a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly maritime sector • Over 50 partners, 13 countries, budget of €43 million • Private, public and academic sector involved • Started 2015 and running till the end of 2018 • Large-scale test beds in Nordic and Mediterranean Seas • Encompasses about 300 vessels, 10 ports, 5 shore based service centres • Will also use the European Maritime Simulator Network
  7. 7. Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute • “… generate knowledge and intelligence for businesses of all sizes, government at all scales and organisations of all kinds.” • “… create new technologies and innovations to stimulate economic growth …” • “…strategic partnerships with key organisations… based on longer term visions of collaboration to achieve specific goals” • A new £140m Boldrewood Campus at Southampton University
  8. 8. Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute • Partnership with Lloyds Register goes back over 40 years. Currently the largest university-business collaboration in the UK • Advanced Technology Partnership (ATP) with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution; range of projects that keep the two organisations fully engaged in research, development and innovation • Collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre, a government owned research organisation; relationship covers all aspects of marine science as well as key innovations such as autonomous systems. • As on 05th of April 2016, 10 PhD vacancies advertised in diverse fields
  9. 9. MAchine eXecutable Colregs for Marine Autonomous Systems (MAXCMAS) • A 26 months, £1.27m UK project with academic and industrial partners • Includes Rolls Royce, Atlas Electronik UK, Lloyd’s Register and Southampton Solent University • Project will develop collision avoidance algorithms for autonomous seagoing vessels • Aims to develop a more comprehensive capability and demonstrate satisfactory execution in real-world representative sea trials • Use of networked bridge simulators as a safe yet effective test environment in the first instance
  10. 10. Insurance Act 2015 • Entered in force in the United Kingdom on 12th of August 2016 • Result of a joint review by the Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission into insurance law • Seeks to create fairer balance between policyholder and insurer • Marine Insurance – all direct placements and all reinsurance contracts in the UK
  11. 11. Insurance Act 2015 • Introduced substantial changes to the laws governing disclosure in non-consumer insurance contracts; warranties and other contractual terms; and insurers’ remedies for fraudulent claims • Sets a default regime, with opt-out provisions • Allows insurers to contract out of important elements of the Act for non-consumers – as far as it is done in a ‘transparent’ manner
  12. 12. China Centre (Maritime) at Southampton Solent University • Launched at the International Maritime Organisation in Sept 2015 • use its academic excellence, knowledge of Chinese maritime business and strong links with both the Chinese and British maritime communities • to bring the two countries closer in maritime-related affairs, and beyond • promotes research and disseminates studies on the role of China as a major world maritime nation in the 21st Century • “Director … was one of 20 senior Chinese academics working in UK universities - including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and Cardiff – invited to meet the President at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel on Thursday 22 October”
  13. 13. Developments in the Indian Maritime Field Do we have… • research in Maritime Education? • research in Maritime Training? • research & investment in Maritime Technology? • research in Maritime Law? • reputed Maritime Journals? • R&D in (Civilian) Maritime Field?
  14. 14. Developments in the Indian Maritime Field Are we… • Generating knowledge and maritime intelligence? • Creating new technologies and innovations in the maritime sector? • Strategic partnerships based on longer term visions of collaboration?
  15. 15. Ask yourself… • Nationality of leading ship managers, operators • Nationality of good auditors • Nationality of good vetting inspectors • Surveyors of which nationality are employed with leading Classification Societies or Recognized Organisations • Surveyors of which nationality are employed with foreign Flag States • Lecturers of which nationality are readily employed by maritime colleges abroad
  16. 16. What will be our legacy? • What do we wish to leave for the next generation? • We must act to define how the future generations will remember us • We must define how Maritime Day will be celebrated in the future • Our choices today shape the Indian maritime future
  17. 17. Our Legacy – Just this or something more? Empress Of India / Loyalty 1890 5905 gross tons, length 455.7ft x beam 51.2ft,clipper bows, two funnels, three masts, twin screw, speed 16 knots, accommodation for 50-1st, 150-2nd and 400-3rd class passengers. Built by Naval Construction & Armament Co., Barrow, she was launched on 30th Aug.1890. Maiden voyage 8th Feb.1891 Liverpool - Suez - Hong Kong - Vancouver and then onto the Hong Kong - Shanghai - Nagasaki - Kobe - Yokohama - Vancouver service (Canadian Pacific). 17th Aug.1903 collided with and sank the Chinese cruiser HUANG TAI. 7th Dec.1914 purchased by the Maharajah of Gwalior and converted into a hospital ship for Indian troops. 19th Jan.1915 renamed LOYALTY. Mar.1919 sold to Scindia S.N. Co, Bombay. Feb.1923 sold for scrapping at Bombay. [Merchant Fleets, vol.3 by Duncan Haws]
  18. 18. Thank You
  19. 19. Bibliography • xi-jinping-during-his-visit-to-the-uk • • • • • • • •

A presentation on the 53rd Maritime Day (05th April 2016). Presented at CMMI Chandigarh chapter's Maritime Day celebration held at Panchkula.


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