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8 HOW TO GET MORE How To Get More From SlideShare - Super-Simple Tips For Content Marketing

Grab attention with a powerful headline
A killer headline is the No. 1 way to get the attention of SlideShare’s editors and get featured on the site.
What can you do to help your headlines stand out? Try a few of these tips:
Ask, “Would my target audience want to read this?” If you don’t focus on your readers, it will be
nearly impossible to grab their attention.
Entice, but don’t exaggerate. It’s better to offer useful, honest information with real value than
risk angering readers because your presentation doesn’t deliver on the promise of its headline.
It’s OK to be a bit of a tease: If you give away all of the important information in the headline,
people won’t feel the need to read more.
Use numbers and lists: Using numbers in your headline gives the audience an idea of how quickly
they’ll get the information they came for.
Check out the competition: Get a sense for how other businesses are positioning their SlideShare offerings,
so you can identify potential opportunities to distinguish your content.
Ask and you shall receive: Use titles that take the form of a question to pique readers’ curiosity
(and ignite their desire to satisfy it).
Take advantage of headline optimization tools, like CoSchedule, or KingSumo.

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