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25 HOW TO GET MORE How To Get More From SlideShare - Super-Simple Tips For Content Marketing

25 HOW TO GET MORE FROM SLIDESHARE | Configure Access and Lead Generation
Gather the specific information you need
If you are a pro user, you can also access tools for customizing the placement of your lead forms and the information
you require in order to enable viewing. (These features will soon be available for all users.)
To do this:
Open your SlideShare presentation and
click on Connect Leads.
Under Campaigns, set up your lead form,
and then click Advanced Options.
Select the “Get in Touch” button to enable viewers
to contact you through your presentation.
Select the position in which you would like
to place your lead form.
Select whether you would like to collect a
mailing address and/or phone number.
Click on Add Question to capture additional
information in your lead forms.

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