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20 HOW TO GET MORE How To Get More From SlideShare - Super-Simple Tips For Content Marketing

20 HOW TO GET MORE FROM SLIDESHARE | Optimize Your Content’s Viral and Engagement Potential
Use SEO to maximize findability
Naturally, you will want to build your SlideShare content around the search terms your business dominates. And the
more places you embed, share, and post about your presentations, the more authority they’ll receive organically on
search engine results pages (SERPs). But SlideShare also provides some basic SEO tools that you should be using to
give your presentations an extra boost.
Once you’ve logged in to your account, click Edit
on any of your uploaded SlideShare presentations
to access your Settings and adjust your metadata.
Here, you can:
Create your SEO title: This will become
part of your URL, so make sure it includes
the exact presentation title. (Tip: SlideShare
creates the URL based on the file name of
your presentation document, so it should be
named strategically before you upload
it to the SlideShare platform.)
Optimize your presentation description: Make sure it’s accurate, catchy, and includes your target
keywords. Give a good description to your readers as to why they should continue reading.
Add tags: Though they aren’t as powerful as meta-keywords, SlideShare tags will help your presentations
show up in more onsite searches.

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