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apidays LIVE Singapore - Promoting team collaboration with API Service Design by Uchit Vyas, KPMG

apidays LIVE Singapore 2021 - Digitisation, Connected Services and Embedded Finance
April 21 & 22, 2021

Promoting team collaboration with API Service Design
Uchit Vyas, Associate Director at KPMG

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apidays LIVE Singapore - Promoting team collaboration with API Service Design by Uchit Vyas, KPMG

  2. 2. ABOUT ME • Technologist @ Heart • DevSecOps Practitioner • One of the top 50 DevSecOps influencer in the world • Enterprise Solution Architect • Infrastructure analyst • Quality engineering enthusiastic • Technical author and Speaker • To know more • Go to
  3. 3. PROBLEM STATEMENTS • Teams are preparing service API contracts in Silos • Service API contract are verified & Tested in SIT/UAT phases • Troubleshooting is cumbersome process to identify to root cause • End-to-End (E2E) environment issues
  4. 4. RIPPLE EFFECT • Delay in realize cycles • More and more production fixes (CRs) • Loss of trust from • Customers • Management / Leadership • Waste of manpower / bandwidth usage for troubleshooting
  5. 5. SOLUTION APPROACH • Standardized templates to design Specs • Design gap detector process • Centralized user management & RBAC • Integrated version control system within Service Contract Design steps • Auto generated API stubs, Test cases, and pipelines trigger for verification • E2E API contract mapping
  7. 7. Producer Consumer Service API Contract Service API Repository Orchestrator Engine Validate Consumer changes against stub Validate Producer changes against stub Environments If all good, changes are ready to be deployed SERVICE API COLLABORATION WORKFLOW 1 1 2 3 4 4 5 5
  8. 8. BENEFITS • Early detection of API design gaps • Failed result tells exactly what is causing the break and which system it is coming from • More automated collaboration • Transparent and Automated Service Contract Verification using auto-stubs and Orchestration services • Failed testing result are due to real system error and not because of the flaky infrastructure • Blameless culture adoption for E2E process • Easy troubleshooting
  9. 9. CONCLUSION • Fail fast for more collaboration • Automated Verification and validations of designs • Blameless culture adoption for E2E design process
  11. 11. THANK YOU