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apidays LIVE Paris - APIs as agent of change by Eric Horesnyi

apidays LIVE Paris - Responding to the New Normal with APIs for Business, People and Society
December 8, 9 & 10, 2020

APIs as agent of change
Eric Horesnyi, VP Catalyst at Axway

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apidays LIVE Paris - APIs as agent of change by Eric Horesnyi

  1. 1. @erichoresnyi 10-Dec-2020
  2. 2. Business Platform Technology Platform Open Platform
  3. 3. Open Vision The 4 super powers of APIs Super Experience Superstar Break Walls
  4. 4. #1 API strategy vision of your open platform
  5. 5. Ecosystem Platform vision: BMW ConnectedDrive Member ConnectedDrive Marketplace Experience Data Exchange Distributors Integrated Partners Community Providers
  6. 6. Ecosystem Audience Service Distributors Member Referral Open Platform Integrated Partners Aggregation Community Providers Audience Resell Subscription Or License Marketplace Experience Data Exchange Visualize your open platform
  7. 7. #2 API = Product Super Experience
  8. 8. What product managers want to create Custom experiences for moments in life
  9. 9. Compose journeys with API bricks APIs with their own lifecycle {Specialized Loan API} {Mortgage API} If you want to buy solar panels for your energy consumption, you can get a specialized loan and, via API, that loan amount is attached to your mortgage so we can reduce the interest on the loan overall. That is a pure business opportunity for the banks that is becoming possible with APIs. — Baard Slaattelid, Sparebank1 EVP/Director of Banking as a Service
  10. 10. API = Product {API}
  11. 11. Product and marketing mix EJ McCarthy “Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach” Product Place Price Promotion
  12. 12. Monetization Monetization Direct: 5% Indirect: 95% Revenue Growth Cost Savings Risk
  13. 13. Platform value metering 14
  14. 14. #3 API Program Break Walls
  15. 15. What we need to focus on Build experiences
  16. 16. APIs to compose customer journeys
  17. 17. What IT seems to offer 18 A monolith
  18. 18. Unlock value from existing assets Turning legacy into internal APIs
  19. 19. 20 Embrace API natives Microservices and streams Modern DB buster: streams
  20. 20. Drive efficiency Turning your IT as reusable differentiated building blocks
  21. 21. Silos = Disjointed Experience for your Ecosystem Ecosystem
  22. 22. API platform team ecosystem API Platform Team Sharing, distributed and embedded …API Product Team LOB 1 API Product Team LOB 2 API Product Team New LOB API Product Team LOB N
  23. 23. #4 Platform Superstar
  24. 24. Outreach Partner Ecosystem Product Experience Internal Alignment Platform adoption Drive consumption with internal com, partner community, amazing UX, and external communication A/B
  25. 25. Open Vision The 4 super powers of APIs Super Experience Superstar Break Walls
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