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apidays LIVE Helsinki & North - Architecting operational technology in built environment by Hanna Pikkusaari, Osaango

apidays LIVE Helsinki & North 2021 - APIs, Platforms, And Ecosystems - Transforming Industries And Experiences
March 15 & 16, 2021

Architecting operational technology in built environment
Hanna Pikkusaari, Smart Technologies Advisor at Osaango

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apidays LIVE Helsinki & North - Architecting operational technology in built environment by Hanna Pikkusaari, Osaango

  1. 1. Architecting Operational Technology in Built Environment, 16.3.2021 @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki Hanna Pikkusaari Smart Tech Advisor, Osaango
  2. 2. Osaango Ltd Osaango is an independent player in the global API management and smart technology consulting. We educate ecosystems to adopt business models and technology for a smarter world. Our founder Marjukka Niinioja is the “mother” of the openly licenced method called apiops Cycles for developing business-oriented and manageable APIs easier and faster. Osaango has been listed as one of the key players in the global API management market forecast 2020-2025 by Market Data Forecast* Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki *)
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Operational Technology (OT) is everywhere Gartner: “Operational technology (OT) is hardware and software that detects or causes a change, through the direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, assets, processes and events.” Wikipedia: “The term has become established to demonstrate the technological and functional differences between traditional IT systems and Industrial Control Systems environment, the so-called "IT in the non-carpeted areas".” Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki
  5. 5. Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki The unreal happens somehow. They all have to be brought into use almost at the same time. 50.000m2: X.000 pcs luminaires X.000 pcs sensors X.000 pcs security devices X.000 pcs IoT devices ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ X0.000 pcs IoT X0 pcs control systems X0 pcs cloud environments a complex network environment ------------------------------------
  6. 6. Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki The resistance is strong. Traditional industries enclose endless supply of future data products. There is a distance between the need, the delivery and the continuity. Construction and lifecycle management of built environment might be the most traditional industries at this point. It’s big, it’s strong, and it affects us all.
  7. 7. Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki The idea was to be unique and sustainable. That sounds utopy but seemed to be real. Jump from an agile self-organization to fifteen years back can be shocking. 1. Smart mindset 2. Smart choices 3. Smart solutions for 4. smart building and 5. smart office 6. Smart processes 7. Smart maintenance P RAU TV Cloud control ÄE RI KV SPOK H LPK AP APO SPLK SPPK SPMK FW Cloud control FW FW FW
  8. 8. Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki You have to know your environment, the dependencies, and the consequences. Operational technology environment has evolved in the shades. ● Learn and understand ● Know your environment ● Know the dependencies ● Know the consequences ● Understand the value chain ● Understand the delivery chain ● Secure your core ● Write the strategy for data and api management ● Ensure the integrity, usability and reliability of your data
  9. 9. Anu Pentik, Kasvun Voima (2019) (“Power of the Growth”) Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki Even the most beautiful and elegant may cause trouble. Simple is beautiful.
  10. 10. Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki It’s not a convergence of IT and OT. It’s a joint adventure. In the built environment life is always to be considered. Core functions focus in ● operational safety ● operational processes ● the conditions of the environment; the temperature, the light and the air we breathe
  11. 11. Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki Secure your core. Use your environment wisely to discover the unseen. Design your OT environment wisely to avoid overlapping technology and solutions and to save money, time and natural resources. Use your environment wisely to ensure continuity in the built environment you operate in.
  12. 12. Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki Focus on one trend at the time. Understand your data.
  13. 13. Hanna Pikkusaari Smart Tech Advisor Hanna Pikkusaari @tipulamaxima #apidays #apidayshelsinki OT is everywhere; from Earth to Mars and beyond. Operational technology is everywhere. It’s a superpower that keeps the industrial processes going and lights lit at the office. It’s the technology beyond IT. It detects and causes change in the invisible technological environment. OT runs the air conditioning, heating and cooling. It sends and receives alarms and it ensures that the conditions in the server room are optimal for all the transactions and dataflow.