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10 Steps to Becoming Self Made Millionaire by Rhett Power

Don’t Expect to Be a Self-Made Millionaire Without these 10 Attributes. Adapted from Rhett Power’s 10 Steps to becoming a self made millionaire, we made a simple infographic that lists these 10 attributes of self-made millionaires.

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10 Steps to Becoming Self Made Millionaire by Rhett Power

  1. 1. DONATION THEY DON'T LIVE LIKE MILLIONAIRES People who spend money like it's going out of style generally end up broke. Self-made millionaires know waiting for what you want and saving for what you need is the only way to succeed. an Infographic by together with Rhett Power 1 THEY GIVE TO CHARITY Charitable donations not only help the conscience- those who give sizeable donations to charitable organizations, and have receipts for it, can take those contributions off their taxes. 3 THEY ARE CHEAP Self-made millionaires are wise with their money so don't spend every penny you have, just because you have it. 2 THEY INVEST Millionaires don’t let the money sitting. Even if they don't invest it, but they put it into a high interest account, it is more likely to accrue money for them later on than money in their pocket. 4 GET AN EDUCATION The majority of millionaires see the value of an education, in getting a better job and compensated more for their work even though school is expensive. 6 THEY MARRY WELL They marry someone with the same goals and value of money as their own so they know how to become millionaires together. 8 THEY TEACH THEIR CHILDREN Millionaires teach their children how to work hard and be millionaires. Their children know how to save for and earn what they want. 10 100 500 million AVENUE RENT 3M 6M 9M 5m 1 22 223 RICH AVENUE RENT 2M 4M 6M 3m 1 22 223 THEY EARN A LITTLE MORE Self-made millionaires know how to work more hours at their job just to get that paycheck a little bit higher and do whatever it takes not to have to live paycheck to paycheck. 5 THEY WORK SIDE JOBS Many millionaires work one to three jobs, and their spouses do the same thing. They work as much as they can to bring home as much as they can. 7 THEY ARE ORGANIZED Self-millionaires know what each of their assets are doing They do their own money managing and don’t let anyone who may potentially mess it all up take care of their money. 9 an Infographic by together with Rhett Power SOURCE :